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Caldero y Arroz a Banda

Caldero y Arroz a Banda This month we are celebrating the Moors and Christians in Santa Pola, so our recipe is a typical dish of the area. Caldero y arroz a banda (Cauldron and rice a banda). This dish consists of two parts: one is the fish and potato and then the type of rice

Hogeras De San Juan

Hogeras De San Juan The “Bonfires of Saint John” is a traditional festival which takes place on the evening of June 23rd. It is celebrated in many cities in Spain, but the largest one is in Alicante where the festivities start on the 19th of June with La Planta. As ususal in Spain, drink and


Queimada During St. John’s night or witches night in Galicia, it is a tradition to prepare “Queimada”- a typical drink that is prepared according to tradition to ward off evil spirits and witches and while preparing a incantation is recited. Accompanied by grilled sardines and barbecue. In a clay bowl mix the hard liquor, coffee