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The Visitors

The Visitors The sound of voices outside the door was muted, but still it woke him from his sleep. He had been listless since they stopped. His travelling companions lay asleep on the makeshift bed, which kept them from the cold floor. The space was dark, with only the very small amount of light from

A mother’s love

The screams were loud and piercing, rising well above the generally noisy background. The screams were those of children. They were the kind of noises that cause natural animal instincts to raise the hairs on the back of the neck. In this case however, the screams were those of excitement and happiness. The Christmas Party

Just in case!

The thin steel blade slipped easily into the minute gap between the window and its frame. The blade was not made for cutting, but for this express purpose, a special tool, for a special job. The tight fitting leather gloves he wore, protecting his hands against the possibility of accidental encounters from unseen sharp objects.