Another delightful walk!

Walking shoes/trainers/sandals should be worn although generally it is a smooth track/road! It takes 1-1½ hours to reach Santa Pola.

From near the top of Avda Escandinavia, just past the new walkway to the paragliders’ launch site, turn right up a track there. At the signpost turn right, walk the short distance to the next signpost then turn left. Follow this path across the countryside and enjoy the panoramic views as they emerge! In approx. 20 mins you will reach the long and straight, tarred road.

Turn right and walk down to the next signpost and turn left. (There is a car parking area here.) Follow the road to a junction where the road veers round to the right, approx. 10 mins. This is the old road to the lighthouse.

There are one or two information boards on this road with details of some of the history of the area. Straight ahead is an area known as ‘Foia Roja’, No 29 on map. It is worth the short detour to see the red and rich soil colours here.

Continue your walk to Santa Pola, enjoying the different vistas! (Be mindful that you could meet cyclists and/or one or two vehicles.)

When you reach the town, approx 30 mins, cross over the peripheral road/roundabout and make your way down towards the town centre and/or the port. Note how the streets run parallel and the main ones lead you directly down to the port! You can catch the bus at the Baile’s bus at the station. Buses from Santa Pola to Gran Alacant generally run every half hour, on the hour and half hour. (Check local timetable.)

Map showing suggested walks from Gran Alacant to Santa Pola.

In the centre of the town stands the most impressive castle and fortress in the area – Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola. It dates back to the 16th century and is still used today. Opposite the entrance to the castle is the Plaza de la Glorieta, a 20th century construction that offers shade and somewhere to eat, drink & relax!