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Stay With Me by Louisa Darcy

At the beginning of last year February 2020, I released my first song ‘Could I Fall in Love Again’ written by Erick Nova. The song features on YouTube and many music platforms including Spotify. Not long after the song release and CD launch, Spain went into lockdown due to the devastating Covid 19 pandemic, which


A healthy tooth is protected by different sections. The first one is the enamel and the second one is the dentin. If there is a dental wear, an elimination or a fracture of the enamel, the dentin gets exposed and that is when we feel a sudden and sharp pain, this sensation of pain is

GA the perfect place to LIVE and WORK remotely – Part 3

MEET ANDY Hi I’m Andy and I’m originally from Newcastle, in the north-east of England.  After a number of years working in corporate communication management, as well as freelance football and travel writing across Europe, I’ve spent the last 7 years running my own communications consultancy business working with clients in the public and private sector.