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Bowling is back!

Bowling resumed at Monte Mar Bowls Club on Tuesday 26th May, all be it in a limited way. We can only use three rinks instead of six because of the social distancing. Bowling is now taking place on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday each week. Its by appointment only through the organising manager, Howie Williams by

Gran Alacant Golf Society June Update

After 64 days of lockdown our local Course opened on Monday 18 May and we are now back playing golf at El Plantio. Of course things are different,eg no rakes in bunkers or touching of flags on greens. We are allowed to play in fourballs and can use buggies. The tees and fairways are in

Want to ask Elena a question??

Q : I feel very dependent on my partner,what can I do?A: First of all, we´d have to see what kind of dependency it is. Is it in everything, or is it in a specific area. What do you think and feel when you put yourself in this dependent position, how does your partner treat