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Summer is Coming

No, you won’t find any kind of “Game of Thrones” spoiler in this month’s article… Summer is a peculiar moment in comparison with the rest of the year: not only the warmest of the seasons, but also because lots of people (and their pets) are coming to our area within the following 3-4 months. Here

Get ready for Bikini Season

With temperatures climbing over the last month swimwear season is fast approaching and for you people out there who may be anything like me, the thought of it makes you feel a little uncomfortable in your stomach (it is now that I wish I stuck with that bikini body idea! Maybe next year!!) So this

It is better to prevent than to treat!

The general medical examination has been considered as one of the most important practices in preventive medicine. It has been called “periodic medical examination” since its period can vary between one and five years, depending on the age. However, some people call it “annual examination” because of its annual periodicity. In children, the periodic examination