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Happy new Year

Suddenly, we feel empowered and excited about moving into the “New Year.” It’s our chance to start fresh like a new baby. New Years resolutions, gym memberships, new learning objectives, loosing weight … Does it sound familiar? Why do you make the same resolutions every year, but they always fail? I am going to give

Out Of Hours

The car left the road for the second time; only dropping the front wheel off the sealed surface but it was enough to frighten her into concentrating on the road ahead. She had adjusted the rear view mirror so that she could see the small bundle secured in the back, caring little for following traffic.

Your Hospital Bed

YOUR HOSPITAL BED by Julie Parker It’s a place of comfort to rest your head, Just press the buzzer the lovely nurse said. I really don’t want to be the one to moan, but I would prefer to be at home. Perhaps if we go back in time, staying at home would have just been