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GA Golf Society April Update

The geese, ducks, moorhens and Terrapins are happy. As mentioned in last month’s article the golf course has held up well during the unusually dry weather in the first quarter of the year but it has left the lakes and ponds which form the reservoirs for the watering system very low. Whilst not particularly welcome

GAGS January Update

 GRAN ALACANT GOLF SOCIETY It has been a cold start to 2019 and as mentioned in a previous article the early morning frosts have arrived! In a normal year we can have delays for up to one or one and a half hours perhaps on a couple of days. However, this year has seen most

Gran Alacant Golf Society October Update

We have had some interesting golf mornings during October. As mentioned last month the Course officials asked us to move from our usual 8am tee time to accommodate visiting Societies from Scandinavia and Iceland. They brought our times forward to 7.36 with an assurance we would be first off, even though it only gets light