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Party time… at last!!!

The Alicante region is a hive of activity year-round with seasonal festivals celebrating food, drink, history and local traditions. The summer, coinciding with a traditionally less demanding period in the fields, is packed with diverse fiestas and celebrations which allow one to hop from village to village in a big summer-long party. All of these

The one-straw revolution

Despite the rapid industrialization of our region during the 60s, 70s and 80s and the dominance of technology in our lives, driving in the summer months through the rural areas of our region still means spotting numerous ‘huertos or huertas’. These two words are normally used interchangeably although strictly speaking a huerto is a short

Peace & quiet: Biar 

Perhaps we have got used to the peace and quiet of our coastline during the winter season so summer is fast approaching and the coastline gets busier we are being more and more attracted to the incredible mountainous landscape of inland Alicante. The valleys that criss-cross Alicante province are punctuated by stunning castles standing atop