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What is Dyslipidemia?

What is dyslipidemia? It is the alteration of the fats in the blood. Excess fat (cholesterol) in the blood causes a disease called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is an accumulation of fat in the arteries, which causes decrease in the caliber and therefore decreases the arrival of blood to organs such as the brain and kidney. High

Can cervical cancer be prevented?

Cervical Cancer is the third most frequent neoplasm in women worldwide. This disease occurs when the cells of the cervix begin to transform and grow uncontrollably, initially becoming precancerous lesions, and subsequently, if this alteration persists in cancerous lesions. It is known that the causative agent of practically all of this cancer is a virus

how to deal with expat blues

Living abroad can be very rewarding and exciting for an expatriate and his or her family members. However, many expatriates often face culture shock, homesickness and social isolation. There is often a lack of support for expats, and it can be more challenging to cope with living in a new country and culture. Many expatriates