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Toldos Costa Blanca

Toldos Costa Blanca Toldos Costa Blanca, manufacturers and installers of awnings in Alicante. With more than 40 years of experience dedicated to sun protection and awnings. Having more than 1,000 m2 dedicated to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of all types of awnings. Visit our Showroom in C.C. Gran Alacant (in front of Mercadona) and

Good nutrition improves health

• Provides defenses against diseases. • Protects from some types of cancer. • Prevents osteoporosis. • Helps to prevent heart disease. • Improves intellectual performance. • Improves physical appearance. There is no food that contains all nutrients or is essentials.Good nutrition in addition to physical exercise keeps our body in shape. To establish a balanced

How to prevent osteoarthritis

The joints make up the skeleton and allow us to move freely. They have, in addition to bones, an sheath called the joint capsule, lined by the synovial membrane which produces synovial fluid. The bones do not normally rub against each other, since they are covered by a firm and elastic cartilage tissue. In osteoarthritis,