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Norwegian Club June 2024 Update

Norwegian Constitution Day We would like to wish all our members a fantastic summer!Remember – the Gran Alacant Norwegian Club reopens on September 12th 2024! For more information, please check out our website and Facebook page.DenNorskeKlubbenAlacant READ THE LATEST ISSUE OF GRAN ALACANT ADVERTISER!

Clinica Veterinaria: Pets & Murderers

PETS AND MURDERERS Don’t panic! We are not writing about animals killers, but killers the only thing they loved was their pets. We frequently say it’s impossible for an animal abuser to be a good person. We are completely sure about it. If you are a good people, you are supposed to feel extremely disgusted

Home Turf June 2024

MONTPELLIER: CROSSING BORDERS, MAKING CONNECTIONS Our home in Gran Alacant lies in what was once the southern part of the lands of the ancient crown of Aragon. Aragon also included the famous County of Barcelona which is said to have lent the kingdom its famous emblem of four red stripes on a gold background. In