On 02-03-2024, a client brought to our practice a street female cat she had been feeding for several months. The reason of the visit was she noticed the cat was getting fatter and fatter, so a pregnancy was suspected. First of all, we noted she was not chipped, and then, the ultrasound scanner evidenced a 5-6 weeks pregnancy. The cat, which was named Candy by our client’s son, appeared to be in perfect condition and was a nice calm cat. Our client decided to take care of the cat till she has her kittens, and then to find a new home for both mother cat and kittens.

If anybody lives a similar situation, the procedure in this cases is:

  • Have the cat scanned in a vet practice just in case it’s been chipped
  • If it has no chip, you have to contact CER, the organization which takes care and control street cats (CER Santa Pola in Facebook or cergatossantapola@gmail.com). CER means “capturar, esterilizar, retornar” (capture, neuter, release). CER cats have a distinctive mark at the ear which identifies them as neutered cats. But there are also CER cats which haven’t been neutered yet. For this reason we have to contact CER before adopting a street cat.

In case of Candy, CER authorised our client to look after her, and also to chip her, test her for viruses, and have her neutered.

In order to face these expenses, a fundraising was done, and in less than 2 weeks, Gran Alacant neighbours and organizations put enough money to do everything.

Probably, when this article is published, Candy will be a happy mother with her kittens, and in time, good homes for both mother and kittens will be found.

We would like to thank our clients, and everybody at ASPETGA and GALs (Gran Alacant Ladies) for their support.

Today Jane Pugh and I have been to the Clinica Veterinaria in Masa Square to donate €50 on behalf of Gals Pals to help towards the treatment and sterilisation costs for this local poor mummy to be cat Candy. Thank you ladies for making this possible!

Calle Holanda 9, MASA Square

T: 966 698 569