Let’s talk about chronic kidney disease …

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste and excess fluids from our body, which are eliminated through urine. In some circumstances, pathologies such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity can permanently affect the proper functioning of these organs.

What is chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease affects the functions of the kidneys over time. There are different degrees of severity and they are defined by how much the kidneys filter. It is very common in the population, one in 7 adults suffers from chronic kidney disease. In Spain.

What are the causes of chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease can occur at any age and for multiple causes, although most cases occur in people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and people over 50 years old.

To detect it, a routine laboratory study is carried out where CREATININE is evaluated in a normal blood sample and renal filtration is calculated. In addition, a urinalysis is performed that will inform us of the presence of PROTEINS (albumin), which is a marker of kidney damage.

How can I prevent chronic kidney disease?

People in risk group (diabetes, high blood pressure or over 50 years) should be monitored frequently. Consider the following golden rules to prevent chronic kidney disease:

1. Eat healthy and keep your weight under control

2. Stay fit and active

3. No smoking

4. Maintain a healthy fluid intake 

(8 glasses of safe water per day)

5. Maintain regular control of blood sugar levels (control diabetes)

6. Control blood pressure 

(Do not abandon treatment)

7. Check your kidney function if you have one or more risk factors (remind your GP to include CREATININE and the detection of PROTEINS in the urine in the routine)

8. DO NOT self-medicate, especially avoid anti-inflammatories since those taken abusively can damage kidney function.

What are its main complications?

When kidney functions are lost, typical complications appear such as anemia, bone alterations, increased uric acid and related arthritis, difficult-to-manage high blood pressure and edema. In the most severe cases, itching, irritability, a tendency to sleep, and serious neurological and cardiovascular complications may appear.


Treatment in the initial stages is aimed at preventing the progression of chronic kidney disease and its complications.

Adequate hydration, healthy eating and staying active are pillars of treatment. Smoking worsens the course of CKD. There are medications that can help slow the progression of the disease and treat complications such as anemia.

Information to take into account

1. Chronic kidney disease is 

ASYMPTOMATIC most of the time.

2. It is detected by simple routine studies.

3. People with diabetes or hypertension or over 50 are more likely to suffer from the disease.

4. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent its occurrence.

5. Special interest: DO NOT abuse 

anti-inflammatory drugs without medical supervision.

6. There is drug treatment to delay the evolution of chronic kidney disease and treat complications.

In the most compromised cases, the person may require replacement of kidney 

function either by chronic dialysis or kidney transplantation.

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