by Julie Parker

It’s a place of comfort to rest your head, Just press the buzzer the lovely nurse said.
I really don’t want to be the one to moan, but I would prefer to be at home.
Perhaps if we go back in time, staying at home would have just been fine.
When your neighbours took notice of everything you did, from closing the curtains to replacing your bin lid.

Are you ok someone would shout, if your doorstep milk had been left out.
Life is moving on and I have no doubt, I am alone on my street and everyone is out.
So when you need some extra care, that’s the reason, your hospital bed is there.
The staff are so busy and do their best, caring for the nation while we take a rest.
Paperwork, pills and cups of tea, this hospital bed will do for me.

The doctor has said in a couple of weeks the NHS will have me back on my feet.
They wash and dress and keep me warm, I know in this bed I will come to no harm.
As the days pass by I’m always surprised by the lovely nurse who looks into my eyes.
Her respectful voice and lovely smile, she even holds my hand for a while.
Why is it the little things people say and do, can make a poorly person feel like new.
The day has come for me to go home, feeling rested and well but however alone.
I am going to be happy back on my street, I will miss the hospital that got me back on my feet.

The hospital arrange a little plan, they send someone everyday to see how I am.
Without that bed I would be in a mess, for an award I would nominate our NHS.
They are under such pressure that’s plain to see, but in a time of need they were there for me.

Now tucked up in my own lovely bed, the happiest place to rest my head.
Up early tomorrow to wash and dress, holding close to my heart our NHS.