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Final Farewell

It’s time to bid a final farewell to all of you in Gran Alacant; friends, colleagues and readers of my monthly ‘Chatter’ column. A series of unfortunate events has conspired to end my time, in this part of Spain. I have lived on the Costa Blanca for a little over two years now and for

Arrogance and Contempt

In February last year I wrote about charity and the good work the people of Gran Alacant do, to help those friends and neighbours who need support, during difficult periods of their lives. I also highlighted the work of other local charities and foundations, who fundraise for causes who would otherwise be forgotten. Much work

Political Correctness

These days we have to be careful what we say and how we say it. In 2018, political correctness has infiltrated every corner and aspect of our life; everything I believed to be right was swept under the rug of time, never to see the light of day again. Someone decided that past generations were

Brexit Update

In my first ‘Chatter’ column, dated August 2016, I explored the issues surrounding Brexit, after the British public voted to leave the European Union. I discussed the implications for Expats like me, living abroad, as my country of birth began the process of withdrawal. My view today, is no different to it was then. Although