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Things I miss about the UK

Chatter Things I miss about the UK I have been living in Spain for a year and a half now; longer than I thought possible. For me, it has been a difficult ride, experiencing many ups and downs. The problems I have endured, have often made me recall my past. The truth is, as much


Chatter Housing On June 14th 2017, a fire broke out at the 24 story, Grenfell Tower in London. More shocking news from back home; heartbreaking images, tragic loss of life and the beginning of a scandal, highlighting corruption and cost cutting, at the expense of peoples lives. So far 80 people have been confirmed as

British General Election

Chatter British General Election Just after Easter, on Tuesday April 18, Theresa May called a press conference, outside Downing Street. The Prime minister announced, she would ask The House of Commons, to approve her plan, to hold a General Election on June 8th. The last Government, had brought in legislation, to enshrine fixed term Parliaments,