Christmas and New Year are coming soon, which implies banquets, gifts and parties. And one ingredient of some of those parties is fireworks.

Last November, a controversy about fireworks and their effects in domestic and wild animals arose at the UK, because at least a puppy and a pet rabbit died of panic during Guy Fawkes Night celebration.

Their owners and some other sensitive people started a campaign to ask UK Parliament a new regulation for fireworks. Over 300,000 signatures were collected during the campaign.

Nowadays regulation is based in human ear noise sensitivity, but animal ear, which is much more sensitive than human, is not taken into account in any way. We know, for example, canine ear is about 4 times more sensitive than ours, so, as anyone can understand, fireworks sound 4 times louder for them, which explains those deaths.

Noise and explosions also affects wildlife: birds, rabbits, foxes… don’t know it’s just a harmless celebration which will be over in a matter of hours.

Let’s hope UK Parliament agrees with
making fireworks regulation stricter for protecting animals. And let’s hope worldwide Parliaments improve animals and environment protection regulations.

Meanwhile, our suggestion is to keep our pets away from noisy celebrations, and if this is impossible, to provide them a safe place where to get hidden until the fireworks are over. Sometimes a good option is to use a pet carrier if the animal feels safe when getting into it. Apart from this, there are some pheromone sprays, tablets and collars available at the market which help to calm the animal (dog or cat) without using psychotropic drugs. In case of other pets such as birds, rabbits or Guinea pigs, keeping them away from the noise is the only option.

If our pet is suffering from a heart problem, it’s recommendable to visit the Vet in case a special medication is required. In case of storm, a cardiac patient may also suffer important problems.

We hope Christmas and New Year are happy and relaxed for everyone, because we want to keep on enjoying our animal patients and their owners in 2020.

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