What a great night was had by all.

It is safe to say, one way or another, we have all endured months of restrictions and hardship with the dreaded pandemic. 

Thankfully, slowly but surely the majority of us are beginning to feel that good times are coming back.  We have a new outlook on life and are starting to share special moments with friends that we may never have done before. That was certainly true of the Ladies White Night at Dunbar’s back in June. The night was full of fun, laughter, games, great food and entertainment provided by the fantastic Ben Valentiene. 

However, there was another purpose for the event. The night was held by Dunbar’s to help raise funds and awareness for the charity “A Helping Hand”.

A few months ago Mandy and Steph came across the same post on Facebook. The post explained how many families across the Costa Blanca were severely affected by the pandemic. The article was written by Ines Perkins, a nurse working in Torrevieja, who was witnessing first-hand the devastating effect the pandemic was having on families.   Many families were undergoing financial hardship and were unable to feed themselves, a sorry tale in 2021.  Both Mandy and Steph were completely moved by the post and felt compelled to do something about it.

Since April, they have been raising awareness for the charity and asking for donations including non-perishable food, hygiene products (both household and personal) baby supplies eg nappies, formula, wipes etc.  

“The generosity of the customers and people of Gran Alacant has been overwhelming to say the least,” said Mandy. “We have a giving table at the bar where customers leave their donations after 12noon each day. It is running like clockwork and it’s great that everyone has pulled together to make a difference to these poor families”. 

€170 was raised on the night and everyone is hoping that we can continue to help with more donations and more events in the future.