Dear Sonia, 

“My husband and I have just moved to Spain and I’m 

a bit scared about how different life is going to be living in a new country?”


Dear Angela

It is completely normal to feel scared of change. Sometimes you are flooded with doubt and uncertainty and want to return to the ‘comfort’ of the old. However, it is important to remember that trying to keep things the same could result in damage to your spirit and happiness. 

It is extremely important to try to embrace the changes that come with living in a new Country. Spain has a rich culture and the residents of Gran Alacant come from many different nationalities. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to broaden your appreciation of different cultures whilst also being able to find people from your home country to help you maintain a connection with the traditions you grew up with. 

This is the time to be brave and try new experiences and welcome new people into your life. It may take some time and you may have a few missteps along the way, but tap into your courage and look at these new changes as the start of an exciting adventure. Keeping a positive attitude will make all the difference.