Now I love Gran Alacant, I know my way around, but more by instinct than by any assistance of maps or GPS.

I often wonder who named the streets. I suggest it was somebody with no sense of direction or a very limited geographical knowledge.

I live in Calle Creta 61, cross the road, and the other street is Calle Creta something else. Go to the end of my street and there’s Calle Creta something else again.

I used to live In Calle Holanda. Number 5 is about 400 meters away from number 5a.

There is Calle Polonia, Avenida Noruega, Calle Luxemburg Avenida Belgica, and many more, but no Calle Inglaterra or Reino Unido (UK). Maybe they realise us Brits have a homing instinct even after a few cervezas.

Not surprising post goes AWOL. 

To be honest I think we have probably lost a few Postmen over the years. Probably half the beggars outside our supermarkets are just Correos lost on their way back to the office.

It is nice to see life slowly returning to normal. Bars and restaurants getting busier by the day. Considering Brit visitors are still not here in big numbers, other guests whether from Spain or other European countries are here in their droves. I swear you will soon only be able to park at the Mercadona car park if you have booked your car in for a service at Spazio. I have never seen it so busy!

 Bars and Restaurants are finally able to look at making a living. So please do pop by and use them. It must have been awful for so long worrying about how they were going to put food on their own plates, never mind someone else’s.

As we creep slowly to the end of the pandemic, I have a few words of advice for the Chinese biologists and researchers:


Football is back, after a quite successful summer the old rivalries are back. As a Birmingham City fan, with mostly Villa fans as friends I think I am going to hide until it is over again in April next year.

Finally, I want to say goodbye to some good friends and wish them luck. Gary and Rayner Forster have moved from GA to Finnestrat this week. Benidorm and the surrounding area will not know what has hit them. Our local Looky Looky man Mohammed is distraught, having sold most of hist stock to Gary over the last decade or so.

That’s it for this month. Enjoy the remainder of the Summer. Support our local services; let us get GA back on its feet. 

Onwards and upwards.

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