We are proud to be sharing this the 200th edition of the Gran Alacant Advertiser with all our advertisers and readers. When Barry and Sandra first started the magazine in January 2005, they could not have foreseen that it would still be the most popular and trusted magazine in Gran Alacant 200 editions later!!! 

Ged and I were delighted to take over the magazine in 2015 and have continued to ensure that it remains a valuable resource for everyone in the neighbourhood. Within our pages you will always find the latest news and views from the amazing people who live in our community, and we support all the local businesses by giving them a reliable way to advertise all of their latest offers, entertainment and events with everyone who lives in or visits 

Gran Alacant. 

So we really want to say a massive thank you to all of our advertisers and readers, as without you we would not have been able to make the previous 199 editions.

Thank you all our advertisers & readers