Tabarca Island

Located opposite the city of Alicante is the tiny and only inhabited island of Tabarca also known as the flat island. Actually, it is more than an island. It is a small archipelago which consists of the islets of La Cantera, La Galera, La Nao and also the Isla de Tabarca itself. It measures around 400 metres across at its widest point and almost 1800 metres long.
Previously, its shores were a sanctuary for Barbary pirates. During the 18th century, King Carlos III arranged for the island to be guarded and a town built to house many families of Genoese fishermen who were being held captive in the Tunisian city of Tabarca.
The walls encircling the town of Tabarca have also been proclaimed as a Historical and Artistic site and an Asset of Cultural Interest. Currently, the walls are being used as launch pads for the daring.
This tiny island is also one of the top tourist spots within the Costa Blanca. Coming here is like stepping back in time. It can get crowded in the Summer as more than 4000 people visit it every day. It was also declared as a protected marina and bird reserve in 1986.

Planning your trip

A visit to the island will normally last a day. There are several departure schedules from the port of Alicante but the regularity relies on the time of the year. The boat ride that lasts for an hour is quite pleasant. You can also get to the island from Santa Pola and Benidorm.

Once you have reached the island, you can enjoy the beach with crystal clear water and admire the scenic fishing port lined with excellent restaurants giving you the chance to taste the island’s traditional classic dish, “caldero” (a stew of fish and rice).

It is a good idea to walk along the town proper and visit the island’s museum. Tabarca is also a well-known spot for snorkelling and swimming because of its clear waters.


The Museum of Nueva Tabarca is situated on the island of Tabarca. It was opened in 2002 in the old building of the Almadraba, a storage facility used mainly for keeping tuna fish.

It concentrates on the study and circulation of the relationships that have been created with coastal populations and through time with the natural habitat.

The museum consists of two rooms. One room is devoted to audio-visual content where you can watch a film about the population, the sea and the history of the island, while the other is dedicated to geography and geology.

It is an open exhibition where the main focus is to present the island and its marine surroundings.

Address: Tabarca island. Almacén de la Almadraba Building.
Phone: 965 960 175
Opening Times:
Winter: Wednesday to Sunday.
From 11.00 to 14.00 h.
From 15.30 to 16.30h.
Summer: Wednesday to Sunday.
From 11.00 to 14.00 h.
From 16.00 to 18.30h.


General ticket: €2
Reduced ticket: €1 for arranged groups of students of more than 10 people and adults with a student card.
FREE admissión for people older than 65 years, and children up to 12 years accompanied or handicapped.


Boats to the island of Tabarca depart from Guardamar, Torrevieja, Alicante and Benidorm but it is best to leave from Santa Pola’s Marina as it has the most regular crossings, widest choice of boats and shortest journey of around half an hour.
Some boats have glass bottoms, which gives you the opportunity to observe and admire the different creatures of the deep whilst the other boats act as taxis for groups as small as 6 people.
Once you reach the island, explore! You will find the old square at the centre of Tabarca, the church and graveyard, the museum, the ruined walls of the fort, the lighthouse, the beaches and coves, the paths that crisscross the island, numerous bars and restaurants as well as souvenir shops.


Crosiers Kontiki
Phone: +34 686 994 538
Phone: +34 686 994 539

At Easter and over the summer season, there are several departures daily.
Outside of the summer season, you need to confirm in advance:

Alicante – Tabarca
Monday to Sunday

Tabarca – Alicante
Monday to Sunday

Approximate travel time: 1 hour.

Rates (Return trip)
Children over 4 years and adults: €19
Children under 4 years: FREE+


El llop marí
Tel. 696 910 483
Marina Miramar, Paseo Adolfo Suárez. Santa Pola

Tel. 637 553 257
Marina Miramar, Paseo Adolfo Suárez. Santa Pola

Aquabus Tabarca SL
Av. Fernando Pérez Ojeda, Santa Pola
Tel. 687 91 64 50/ 678 64 00 03/4
2 speedboats for 36 passengers

Catamaranes Transtabarca
Av. Fernando Pérez Ojeda
Tel. 689 123 623/ 608 33 04 22
Underwater-vision catamaran for 250 passengers and 2 support boats for 48 and 36 passengers.

Tabarca Water Taxi (Av. Fernando Pérez Ojeda)
Tel. 671 47 89 61
2 Boats for 32 and 48 passengers

Round trip prices
Adults: €15
Children (from 4 to 8 years old): €10
Contact for group prices.
High season: every 30 minutes
Low season: 4 trips a day

*The Tourist Department is not responsible for any change that may arise from timetables, prices or any other information: Tourist Info Santa Pola
Tel: +34 96 669 60 52


La Gola de Guardamar
Tel: +34 689 103 623
Further information is available from Tourist Info Guardamar-Tel: +34 96 572 44 88


Excursiones Marítimas Benidorm
Tel: +34 96 585 00 52
Further information is available from Tourist Info Benidorm- Tel: +34 96 585 32 24

*Spring and autumn are the best times to visit as it is cooler and not very crowded.