On this the last day of January, the first cycle ride of Cycling-Port from Santa Pola to Tabarca has been spectacular. The clear bright sunny day was absolutely perfect for our cycling trip. The team consisted of German( Ruth, Jorchan and Gunter) and Spanish riders ( Maria Fernanda, Mariana y Gaspar). Some are already experienced cyclist, but most had not tried electric bikes before and that added to the excitement of the tour.

This tour has four factors: sports, cultural, novelty electric bike and the visit to Tabarca. We found that on the straight roads in Playa Lisa if we didn’t peddle we got no engine thrust so our legs had to move.

The mountains of salt led us into the essence of Santa Pola and the Natural Park of Salinas.

The next objective was El Cabo with a great bike path that runs from Santa Pola East to Carabassi beach and where we can see the fossil coral reefs.
At this point the participants were already at an advanced level of how to ride their electric bikes.

We arrived at the Tabarqueras and our friend Gaspar joined us with his trike, we put the bikes on our boat and off to Tabarca we sailed. After a nice welcome rest at Ramos Restaurant, we then went peddleling from La Cantera to the Farallones.and finally back to Santa Pola port the end of a great day out on electric bikes.

We hope to do this route again next month. Many thanks to all participants and especially to Eduardo for being always discreet but essential.