Around 20 km from both Alicante city and the airport is a small town called Agost. With a population of nearly 5000 residents, this traditional Spanish village has several restaurants where you can enjoy some of Alicante’s mouth-watering cuisine including paellas.

As Agost is not on the coast, it is still largely undiscovered and even during the peak season doesn’t attract many tourists. This makes Agost the perfect place to visit if you wish to relax and enjoy a more traditional view of Spanish life.

Agost is home to a number of fairs throughout the year. For food lovers the tapas fair is held in April and in October there is an artisanal and gastronomy fair. For those who enjoy some history, the end of June is a busy time for the Moors and Christian fiestas where the local people re-enact the historical battles that saw the Moors take over Agost and the subsequent reconquering of the town by the Christians.

Pottery In Agost

Until the sixties, the economy of Agost was based mainly on pottery and agriculture. It is the only pottery in the Valencian region where you can still see the traditional methods in action.

Agost is a typical Spanish village which is full of local character. The pottery gives you a fantastic opportunity to admire the local potters at work and learn more about this craft.

Agost Centre/Pottery Museum (Museo de Alfareria de Agost/Alfareria Museum)
Opening Times: From Monday to Friday 10:00 – 14:00 pm. Contact the museum for group bookings.
Address:C/ Teuleria, 11. 03698 Agost (Alicante)

Phone numbers: +34 96 569 11 99 Fax: +34 96 569 11 99