1 large duck
80 gr of cure bacon rind
2 carrots
100 gr leeks
150gr onions
50gr celery
80gr lard
200gr tomatoes
4 gloves garlic
3 spoons flavor
2 glasses white wine or sherry
1 litre of meat stock
Green olives
Ground white pepper

Hi all, we start a new season soon. Hope everybody enjoyed their summer holidays. This month we have a recipe from Sevilla and a dish I love !!! Seville Style Duck. Hope you enjoy it, Mayka x

Let’s start!

Put a casserole dish on the heat with the lard and the bacon rind. When it is hot add the whole cleaned salted duck. Brown it well everywhere and add the onions, leeks, carrots, celery – all peeled and cut into Julianne pieces. Then add the chopped tomatos and the bay leaf, wine, flour and the stock and leave to cook instill duck is tender. Remove the duck and strain the sauce.

Hope you all enjoy it. Mayka x