There are so many models of smoke extractors that it becomes a difficult choice. We would like to help you to know about the different options of extractor hoods.

Do you know what are the main features that need to be taken into account? When choosing the model, do you know which is the one that best suits your space and needs?

Everything about your ideal extractor hood

The extractor hood is an essential appliance in any kitchen, even though it is not an element that cooks the food. It helps to catch the annoying fumes, steam, fats and odours that are caused by cooking. This keeps the air clean and free of bad odours throughout the house.

What is the first thing we should consider when choosing a cooker hood?

The first thing we have to decide on is the type of installation we are going to need. This depends on the characteristics of your kitchen. Extractor hoods can be island, wall mounted or integrated with kitchen cabinets.

Island extractor hoods are ideal for large kitchens where the work space is located in the centre of the kitchen. They also serve as an element of separation between the kitchen and dining area for homes with kitchenette.

As for the wall extractors, these are ideal for those kitchens that have a free space above the cooking zone. This type of extractor hood gives much more decorative play to the environment. The kitchens that have a kitchen cabinet located in the upper part of the cooking zone, can choose a hood that is integrated with kitchen units. In this case, it becomes an integrated element in kitchen furniture. There are several options: the fixed or the removable hoods as well as telescopic hoods.

Finally, important for those kitchens that have no outlet to the outside. The extraction of fumes can be solved with a filter hood that purifies the air. It does not evacuate the smoke, but with its renewable filters it cleans the air and captures the fats.

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