Dear Readers,


We have lived in GA for 18 years. Some of you have known us for years personally and others have met us at La Piazza in the Masa Square. Covid 19 sadly meant the closure of our Italian Restaurant.

All Businesses unfortunately have been affected by this Global Pandemic, but what is really sad is that charities, who rely on donations, have also been badly affected.

“Children with Cancer UK have lost 40% of their funding”

Having no restaurant commitments, we thought we would like to try and help by raising money for these poor children and help secure future funding for their much-needed lifesaving research.

When restrictions are finally lifted, we intend to cycle from Gran Alacant to Gibraltar (hopefully Mid-April). It’s not going to be an easy ride but we hope we can depend on the support of all our Family, Friends and Past Customers.

“Please help us to help the Children”

Sponsor our Bike Ride and give these poor kids some hope.

To donate see my FB Page Kim Carey or visit

If you prefer to donate in cash, call or WhatsApp me on 627711155

I will personally collect your donation. 

Thank you in advance and if you see us practising in GA please give us a wave. 

Thank you all

Kim & Mark x