Well, the event at The Pub in Gran Alacant was incredible. Over €5500 raised for this fabulous cause. We are still being given donations so this amount will go up.

Huge huge thanks to all involved. So many contributors but want to thank The Pub and The Belfry for going to so much effort for the day. Absolutely fantastic people and venue.

The biggest thanks have to go to Kevin Tierney for helping to organise the event and working so hard on the day to make it a success, to all of the entertainers who gave up their time and some travelled quite a distance: Rebecca Holt, Cherry K, Sugar & Spice, Kim Peters, Chloe Leigh, Ricky Patton, Janette Lee, Just Ollie, Francis Symons, Andy Copp, Terry Morgan, Toucan and the great Graeme Mykal.

Sarah, our facepainter, gave people many Tashes for Tash, along with a few flowers and a couple of beards!!!

Sarah Blayney and her friend came along and waxed the awesome Steve Carrington’s chest and the wonderful Harry Hardiman had his head shaved!

Anne and Di spent several backbreaking hours selling raffle tickets for which we are extremely grateful!!!

And people sang and danced and donated and drank and then did it all again! Don’t know how this event will be topped but we can give it a go!!!!

If I have missed anyone out, I’m really sorry. Fabulous fabulous day.

Thank you all so much xxxx Tasha


At the age of only 20, during a brief holiday in the UK, whilst working at a Children’s Rep. for Thompson Holidays in Egypt, Natasha (Tasha) Lynch was struck down by Viral Meningitis. Thankfully, she survived this but was left with a condition called Hemplegic Migraines.

She came home to Spain unable to continue with her dream job and worked on La Marina Urbanisation. In June 2015, Natasha was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, which went into crisis in October 2015 leaving her in Intensive Care with her life hanging in the balance. Although she survived this, due to her strong will and positivity, Tasha then became paralysed due to unknown reasons going on to contract Myelopathy of the spinal cord which led to Transverse Myelitis.

Tasha is now almost completely paralysed with muscle weakness, sight problems, severe migraines and stroke like symptoms. Because of the severe muscle weakness, Tasha is unable to breathe unassisted so was on non assisted ventilation 24 hours a day until 1st September 2016 when she was given a tracheotomy. She also has a feeding tube fitted directly into her stomach as the muscles in her throat are so weak that she is unable to swallow.

During this time, an appeal was set up to raise funds to enable Tasha to come home from hospital when she was well enough. This appeal was to pay for a bespoke wheelchair and a portable ventilator plus adaptations to her home and medication costs which are very high each month! Local entertainers and venues have given up their time for free in order to help with the fund and, thanks to the fabulous donations from the people of La Marina Urbanisation, which is where Tasha was working prior to being rushed to hospital, and from people all over the world, over €20,000 was raised.

Tasha was transferred to a Rehabilitation Centre in January of this year for a month but showed little sign of improvement so was sent home with the specialists at Torrevieja Hospital keeping a close eye on her. Since leaving Rehab, Tasha has been admitted to hospital four more times, each time leaving her weaker and with more symptoms. After a fabulous 23rd birthday party thrown for her at the end of May, she contracted an infection and was rushed back into hospital and into intensive care again. She is now in a private room with fabulous care from the hospital staff, who have grown to love her, but is very poorly.

At present, Natasha is being administered bespoke treatment as she has developed conditions that are extremely rare and specific to her, in the hope that she can become strong enough for further treatment to enable her to come home.

Tasha has recently undergone two sessions of six month chemotherapy course in the hope that this will keep her stable.

We are now trying to raise funds to help to pay for medication not available on her SIP card and for medical equipment.

During the whole of her time battling these illnesses, Tasha has not lost her fabulous sense of humour or positivity. She tries to see the funny side in everything which, considering what she has been through, and what she still faces, is incredible.

She has also written a bucket list, top of which is to meet Ant & Dec and Olly Murrs so, if anyone can help with either of those, that would be wonderful.

If you wish to donate to the fund of this courageous young woman go to her

GoFundMe account – https://www.gofundme.com/wexb7wzw