Hello Readers,

For those who don’t know me let me introduce myself, my name is Jackie Canale and I am a holistic therapist working in Gran Alacant promoting holistic well-being wherever I can.
Welcome to September’s issue. I for one am glad August is done and dusted for another year, such a tough month! And even better this month…schools are back! The struggle of long hot summer holidays and cranky kids with overworked parents is real.

Over future issues of the GA Advertiser I am going to start giving some helpful tips on essential oils and how you can bring them into your own homes, being an aromatherapist I am an avid fan of the oils and their fabulous healing properties and I have started working with doTERRA essential oils, the reason I chose to work with these essential oils is because they are the worlds highest quality oils & products, 100% pure grades, doTERRA is Latin for “Gift of the Earth” and it truly is, derived straight from the finest plants & flowers.

You can order these fine oils and many of their other amazing products from myself, orders go in every month!

This month I am going to give you tips on how to calm the home and most importantly the kids in it and give recipes on immune system boosters and better sleep remedies.

ON GUARD (Oil blend) – Germ Buster, Immunity builder, Hand sanitizer, Sickness fighter.
PEPPERMINT OIL – Breath freshener, Boring class, Waker-upper, Fever dropper.
IN TUNE (Oil blend) – Attention Focus
er, Excess energy tamer, Homework helper.
ORANGE OIL – Cheerer upper, Calmer, Anxiety buster.
SERENITY (oil blend) – Tucker inner, Nitey niter.
These oils can be put into a diffuser for a pleasant aroma in the home or applied to a blend to rub into the skin, put in a bath, Peppermint oil can be ingested (along with many other doTERRA oils*)
*please note, because of the complete organic nature of some of the oils by doTERRA they can be ingested, but please be aware not all oils available on the market are safe for consumption.

If your kids are teens and hitting the moods, try the recipes on the image attached!

I hope you enjoy my page, any questions you may have please feel free to get in touch. To book an appointment or to book a free 30-minute consultation to see what treatment is best for you.
If you have any holistic topics you would like to read more about, please feel free to contact me and I will happily put it into future issues.

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