Elche is considered the Mediterranean oasis, it boasts of having three assets declared Human Heritage Sites by UNESCO in different categories. In 2000, the Palmeral of Elche was included. A year later, the Mystery play of Elche was the first Spanish cultural asset to be included by the UNESCO in the List of intangible cultural heritage and Register of best safeguarding practices. The UNESCO Committee for the Saferguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage decided to include as well the School Museum of Pusol in the Register of Best Practices in the year 2009. Elche, the Lady’s city, is full of charms to be unveiled and reasons to be visited. You can’t leave this city without visiting its 9 km of beautiful sandy beaches. The Mediterranean sea bathes the coasts of Elche, gathering in this destination the best of the inland and the coast. Elche offers unique proposals for those who are seeking for experiences at the sea, both for those who enjoy its waves and for those who wish to dive into its depths. Broad and varied options in an idyllic setting, surrounded by dunes and unspoiled pine forests. For those who love sports, and in particular water activities, Elche offers you several options to enjoy. You will only need to choose: kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, surfing, water skiing, catamaran or dinghy sailing. Diving enthusiasts who don’t know yet the exuberant nature reserve of Tabarca Island have the opportunity to explore from the beaches of Elche one of the most amazing seabeds in the Mediterranean coast and discover in a safe and easy way the treasures kept in this part of the Mediterranean sea. An activity within the reach of all, which you can perform with friends or family in complete safety, which will make of this exciting adventure an unforgettable experience. You will be able to dive in the same boat and enjoy the treasures of this exuberant nature reserve, inhabited by a large number of marine species. And to round off the day, you could have a delicious lunch on the island and enjoy the flavours of the sea. Elche means palms, historic heritage, beach, nature… as well as flavors, scents and experiences all gathered in the rich variety of products of the land. Products that are the star of the exquisite gastronomic experiences offered by its restaurants, inns and bars, some of them in possession of meritorious awards. To travel and discover new destinations is not always easy. That’s why Elche offers so many options to please all tastes with your loved ones. Options are varied, full of fun activities, perfect to enjoy in family. But there are also options for couples, to enjoy special moments together, to unwind and enjoy a few resting days with all the services and comfort offered by its fantastic hotel offer in the heart of the palm grove. The website www.experienciasenelche.com offers the best options to discover the city of palms, and many of them will surely surprise you. For example, a visit to the amusement park “Elche Palmeral Aventuras”, the most daring and entertaining multi-adventures park that you could only imagine, and a place to get in contact with nature, let go of some adrenaline and enjoy the beautiful Palm Grove of Elche. In order to get to discover more about all of these options, and many more, Elche offers you its two websites www.experienciasenelche.com and www.visitelche.com


Regular bus service runs from Arenales del Sol