This month, we are pleased to say we have teamed up with Elche office of tourism to provide information to help you explore this fascinating city located just a short distance away from Gran Alacant.

There are many cultural activities taking place in Elche every month but the main event which is not to be missed is the “Mystery play of Elche” taking place on 14th and 15th of August. In May 2001, UNESCO declared it a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible World Heritage, thus making it the first Spanish festival to receive this award. It’s well worth a visit! The Mystery Play, or Festa d’Elx, the most authentic symbol of the city´s identity, is a chanted drama, of mediaeval origins, which traces the dormancy, the assumption to the skies and crowning of the Virgin Mary. It is divided into two acts: the Vespra or the Eve, which is performed on the 14th August and Dia de la Mare de Déu or Day of the Mother of God, on the 15th August. The scenario is the baroque Basilica of Santa Maria, the construction of which very much took into account this purpose. Access to the Basilica, both on the 14th and 15th, is free, with its doors remaining wide open. However, owing to the enormous popularity of the play and devotion that is felt for it by the people of Elche, it is essential to arrive at the church several hours in advance.


  • 11/8 and 12/8, 22:30 Dress rehearsal (with tickets)
  • 13/8, 17:30 Dress rehearsal (with tickets)
  • 14/8, 18:00 The Vespra: 1st act of the Mystery Play (Free entrance) 15/8, 10:00 Funeral procession of the Virgin through the streets
  • 15/8 18:00 The Festa – 2nd act of the Mystery Play (Free entrance)



How to get there?

Regular bus service runs from Arenales.