We are starting 2018 with good news: Spanish Parliament supports the proposition of considering animals as alive beings, not things.

The definitive law is not ready yet, because it takes several months to approve a law; during this time some aspects of the legal text may be modified, added or removed.

The most relevant thing is all the parties voted “yes”, so, it looks like no party is going to veto the law.

Some other European countries, such as France, Portugal or Sweden, made this legal modification in the past in order to consider animals as alive beings.

This modification of Spanish Civil Code (Penal Code had this modification recently) will affect, for example, Ley Hipotecaria (Mortgage Act), and Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil (Civil Trial Law).

What are the implications of these modifications?

In case of house mortgages, they will no longer affect the animals that are living at the house, and they can’t be embargoed.

It will also be necessary to modify legal regulations about divorce for deciding about legal custody of the animal, in a similar way to children.

We are more and more interested in animal protection and welfare in Spain. We can’t stand an animal living locked or chained for life; our pets must be well treated and cared, and we must demand right protection for them. Of course, an improved protection, care and dignity for animals, imply more responsibilities and obligations for people.

We must be committed to our pets (and the rest of the animals) welfare, and one of the ways to do it is to take part in campaigns, with our signature, or attending demonstrations.

On Jan 21st there will be a demonstration in Alicante that will ask for toughening penalties for animal abuse. This is a good opportunity for starting a new year supporting animal protection.


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