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Tourist Info January 2018

We would like to thank the TOURISM COUNCILLOR for enabling Jose Manuel Blasco to join our magazines monthly column. Many of you will surely have met Jose at the Tourist Information Counter in Santa Pola. He always exudes enthusiasm for all that is happening in our area.   Here are his suggestions of “Where to

The Visitors

The Visitors The sound of voices outside the door was muted, but still it woke him from his sleep. He had been listless since they stopped. His travelling companions lay asleep on the makeshift bed, which kept them from the cold floor. The space was dark, with only the very small amount of light from

Animals are NOT things!!!

We are starting 2018 with good news: Spanish Parliament supports the proposition of considering animals as alive beings, not things. The definitive law is not ready yet, because it takes several months to approve a law; during this time some aspects of the legal text may be modified, added or removed. The most relevant thing

Black Redstart

Everybody knows the House Sparrow, you probably have them around your house or you encounter them when your are having a meal at an open air restaurant, where they attempt to look as cute as possible in order to attract a stray crumb, or recklessly dive-bomb your table at the risk of a good swatting.

Chatter – Technology

Chatter Technology ‘What did we do before computers? There is more to life than spending hours, in front of a screen, reading about what this or that person had for dinner tonight; the preoccupation of many, introduced to the wonders of social media! There used to be, in the dim and distant past, but things

Montemar Bowls & Social Club Update

Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club Sponsored by The Belfry, The Pub, Bowling Abroad and Avalon Tuesday 31st October More than fifty club members had a most enjoyable evening at our Halloween Dinner Dance at the Belfry. The entertainment provided by Tony Francis of songs through the decades was first class and enjoyed by all.