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High Humidity by Geoff Young

High Humidity by Geoff Young Temperatures in August started where July ended. High temperatures across most parts of Spain both day and night. In the August edition of the Gran Alacant Advertiser, Gabriela wrote an excellent article about Physical Exercise and Heat, offering well timed advice on dealing with the heat. However, as well as

Definitely not highway robbery

Definitely not highway robbery Richard Clay, a regular customer, gave Dick Turpins a surprise anniversary present to remember! Richard, a keen amateur artist who resides on Gran Alacant set got to work by drawing a sketch of the legendary highwayman and his horse Black Bess from the sign outside Dick Turpins. A few weeks later


OBLIGATION OR MARKETING? From January 2017, Vets are obliged to register at RIVIA (local microchip database), every rabies vaccination we inoculate to dogs, cats and ferrets. When registering the injection we have to declare: owners name, DNI/NIE/passport, address, microchip number and pet passport number (if applicable), and microchip database if the animal hasn’t been registered

Slippery tiles a problem?

Two and a half years ago we noticed that there was a gap in the market for a totally nonslip surface which would make areas safe and colourful for all. Since opening our business here in Spain we have been able to provide to over 100 private clients, Several Shop and Bar Ramps, 16 community

Healthy detoxing after summer indulging

Hi, how are you? Here we are at the end of summer, back to the usual routines and perhaps carrying a few extra kilos. Nothing wrong with that, the important thing is to have enjoyed your well deserved holiday. However, nutritional experts do recommend a detox after a period of excess so we´ll look at

What’s that in a clot? Red Darter!

What’s that in a Clot? It looks a bit nasty, doesn’t it? It’s bright red, which means danger, it flies about in a threatening manner, it’s got a sharp tail which will probably sting you, and right now there are lots of them about, so why doesn’t somebody do something about them? Only one of

Montemar Bowls & Social Club August

CHICKEN RUN Sunday 29th July As it was a very hot morning it was decided to play fourteen ends in stead of the normal eighteen. As usual the competition was played in good spirit. The winning lady was Jan Soars and the winning man Mick Soars, both receiving a chicken. The man with the least