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Pet-friendly Hospitals

PETS FRIENDLY HUMAN HOSPITALS This month we have some good news: companion pets will be allowed to visit their owners at Torrevieja and Vinalopó (Elche) hospitals. First of all, this is not an animal-assisted therapy; it just consists of people that is being at the hospital, and even chronic patients who usually spend a lot

Tourist info for August

Hi everybody! This month you can enjoy so many different activities in Costa Blanca that is impossible to describe them all, but you can find all the information you need on our website In Santa Pola there is a cultural programme with plenty of activities to suit all tastes. Every day and in every

Soft Sand

The sun was hot. No real surprise but then, there couldn’t be any surprises left on this journey. The beach bar was in sight, at last. He had shaken off the two shadows who followed him from the hotel. Avoided the maniac on the motorcycle who chased him down the alley and then smashed head


WHAT’S THAT IN THE CLOT? Welcome to the hot days, for some people the best time of the year. You can lounge by your swimming pool or on the beach, ice cold drink to hand and a parasol to move beneath if you are beginning to crisp at the edges. You can strip off layers

Water Retention

The Reiki Room -Harmonious Healing- Hello readers, welcome to my page, for those who don’t know me let me introduce myself, my name is Jackie Canale and I am a therapist working in Gran Alacant promoting holistic wellbeing wherever I can. With the summer season in full swing I feel it is a good time

The Samaritans

“After a nervous breakdown, losing his job and then his girlfriend, David found it really hard to cope when someone gave him the Samaritans telephone number. I’d been struggling with stress in my job and in April 2007 I was signed off. Things gradually got worse and I suffered a nervous breakdown. In August of

What is mindfulness

Hello readers, For those who don’t me let me introduce myself, my name is Jackie Canale and I am a holistic therapist working in Gran Alacant promoting holistic wellbeing wherever I can. Welcome to July’s issue. With summer season now in full swing no better time to talk to you about Mindfulness! We live in

The Lucky One

The boys slowed as they walked towards the Theme Park entry gates. Daniel and Tom had been friends since..: forever. Although they had grown up together and were now at school together, they were from very different backgrounds. Daniel was the only son of a hi-flying professional couple, with a big house, more cars than