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Tourist Info

Hi everybody, In December we will have parades of Moors and Christians held in Alicante and in Monforte del Cid from 5th to 9th. There are two main parades – one at night and the other one at midday, followed by fireworks on the last day. In Santa Pola, like every year, we will celebrate

Christmas Presents for Pets

Christmas is getting closer and you sure have in mind all of your dear ones and probably you are also thinking about which could be their Christmas present. But don´t forget about your furry friends that have been lovely the whole year and they deserve something special too! This month we´ve come with two presents

Tönn – A Christmas Story

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a big tree, and in this tree there was a big nest, and the big nest contained a big egg. Now the parents of this big egg were very special birds, because there aren’t many of them about, so the people of the land

Out of the Frying Pan

The sound of the sirens was growing louder. Please let them arrive soon he thought. He was trapped in the front seat of his car and only the occasional glimmer of moonlight enabled him to see his surroundings His head was still spinning from the events that led to his current predicament and his brief


CHICKEN RUN Sunday October 28th Played on a lovely October morning, as usual the chicken run was enjoyed by everyone who took part. Sheila Roberts won for the ladies and Len Counsell for the men. The eggs were won by Pam Sherwood and Peter Wallis-Bellman. Thank you to Howie who donated the chicken and Ian

Merry Christmas from GA Golf Society

GRAN ALACANT GOLF SOCIETY One of the benefits of living on the Costa Blanca is year round golf. Although winter is now upon us we still are able to play the full course – we do not have winter tees (or mats) and we still play to normal greens (no temporaries). On occasion, and perhaps

The Well

They heard it again. A distant but clear sound that seemed to be coming from the well. The pair had been exploring the ruined village of Arenque, high in the foothills of the Pyrenees. It was a recommended diversion in a; “things to do” book, on their walk along “The Way”. The once prosperous collection

Fudge Duck

FERRUGINOUS DUCK Last month I told you about a new bird species which has been found in the Clot – the Crested Coot (our esteemed editor decided that the alternative name for it wasn’t very appropriate!) and I spent several days in October trying to find it, without any success. It’s probably hiding in the

Tourist info for November

Hi everybody! Just a few words to let you know what’s going on this month, as always. There are no Moors and Christians parades in November, however there is still something to go and have a look at – the biggest fair in the Costa Blanca that takes place in Cocentaina from 1st to 5th