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Gran Alacant Golf Society March update

GRAN ALACANT GOLF SOCIETY As we write this in the middle of March the golfing gods have been extremely kind with continued good weather for the last few weeks. Given the lack of rain the course at El Plantio is holding up very well as it is normally February and March when rain fills the

International Women’s day 8th of March

Some years ago, a girl who was a regular customer of the practice, came with a new rescued female dog. She was about 10 kg and short black & white coat. She also was very nice and very young. The owner was very worried about the dog, and she wanted to neuter her as soon

An Elegant Distraction

Jack wasn’t sure what it was that attracted him to the young woman, there was something about the way she seemed to move so easily among the other passengers. He had boarded the Cruise Ship just in time to catch a late lunch and was now beginning to explore the ship’s facilities. She first caught

Marbled Duck

This month, I was ready to tell you all about the many summer migrants which will be arriving in the Clot throughout the month, at the start of one of the most exciting periods for local birdwatchers. The swallows will undoubtedly be back by now, and there are many more species to come. However, events