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GAGS January Update

 GRAN ALACANT GOLF SOCIETY It has been a cold start to 2019 and as mentioned in a previous article the early morning frosts have arrived! In a normal year we can have delays for up to one or one and a half hours perhaps on a couple of days. However, this year has seen most

Tourist info for January 2019

Hi everybody, On January the 5th the magic parade for the Three Kings will be held in every village or Town on the Costa Blanca. In Santa Pola, the parade will take place on the 5th at 19:00h. Come and enjoy the magic and happiness with the little ones, it’s nice to see all kids

Little Grebe

I was going through my past archive of all the birds and animals I’ve written about for the GA Advertiser over the past few years, and was surprised to find I’d missed out on one of the easiest birds to be found in the Clot – the Little Grebe, which you are almost certain to

….into The Fire

As the grey light of dawn filtered through the trees, he was able to make out the reason for his inability to move his foot. The impact with the tree has allowed the fire extinguisher which had been under the driver’s seat to move forward, pinning his foot against the brake pedal. However much he

GAGS December Update

 GRAN ALACANT GOLF SOCIETY All of the golfers at GAGS wish everyone a Happy New Year. At this time we look forward to thenew year with great expectation but before considering that in more depth wewould like to take a moment to reflect on the Society during 2018. In the early part of the year

Fun Day Challenge 5th of January 2019

NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY Fun Day Challenge 5th of January – Open for anyone Our next club day is the Fun Day Challenge on Saturday January 5th. This is open for anyone and shoes and bowls are available for non-bowlers. There is no dress code, it’s a dress down day. The challenges include target practice;