Nowadays there is a Branch of Psychology called Positive.

It talks about aspects like assertiveness, confidence, self-thoughts and actions, open mindedness, coping with loss and grieving and facing problems among others.

It’s working to keep the ¨positive aspects¨ safe, and upgrading the ones that are in some way lowered by different situations. Seems extraordinary, but indeed it is a very useful tool!

Is this approach suitable for everybody? Well, not indeed. By a proper study, we psychologists, have to take much care because there are personality disorders that have to be treated with other clinical approach, but let me tell you one thing … quite personal, because I can be ¨personal¨ in this ¨corner¨, no matter what kind of disorder you may have, no matter if it is far or nearer from reality, no matter if you are young or older, if you are black or white, English, Russian or South American…
I did find something common in all of them!

Through many years of listening and
feeling, looking and living … I can see the role of a magical energy that remains inside each one of you: The Power of Illusion. The more illusion the person has, the better they can cope, the better their motivation and recovering and I am looking at this energy independently from the kind of problem he or she may be facing.

Working with children is absolutely magical because they know exactly what they like, and if they don´t have it, they feel miserable.
The problem is that sometimes we don’t know what we want as we grow up. Some of us know clearly what it is we would love to be doing, but most us go through life wondering what it is we want to do even in our later years.

Why am I talking about children?
As an adult is very important to remember what you used to dream about when you were a child, what were your dreams and inspirations? Why? Because from there comes YOUR POWER OF ILLUSION!

Lets mention few examples: If you used to dream about being a ballerina traveling around the world … but instead of that you fell in love, got married, have children and a nice partner who cares about you, but never knows why you look so sad?

Or if you loved repairing cars but instead got stuck in an office job and typing on computer for 8 hours?

Where is the ILLUSION in these two examples? They both lost the feeling that childhood ILLUSION used to give them… so what to do now?

Let me give you a piece of advice:
When you feel exhausted and at the edge of being burnt out – give yourself a break! RUN AWAY! It doesn’t matter if you are dressed for it, just escape for an hour. Walk in warm sand or wet you feet in the sea. Close your eyes, just feel the water and think about yourself as a child:

What did I like? How did I play? What did I enjoy the most? What made me happy? What job did I dream about doing as an adult? Try to go back in time and feel the energy …

Then open your eyes, look around and take note. Is there something in your life, which is close to your childhood illusions? Perhaps you are not a ballerina, but still enjoy moving your body in a different way?

When back to normality, try to find a corner for those old ILLUSIONS

If you dreamed about being a ballerina as a child but now you think it’s too late, try to find local classes or simply just make space to go out dancing sometimes. JUST DO IT! Do you know why? This will prevent you from deteriorating in all aspects – physically and mentally. It will give you the energy you need to cope with reality, at least until the next change!

Finding your illusion is worth doing. With illusion you live, you fall and get up, you cry and go for another try. You are attached to reality because you want to live and do things with the ones you love. So you stay and fight. Without it, everything turns obscure and our fears grow as we become older and have less time.

Sometimes you are living your illusion and its just matter of adjusting. If you think you don’t have it, try to find it! It’s a MUST for finding that balance in our lives, so come on LETS GIVE IT ANOTHER TRY AND CREATE ILLUSION AMONG US. Let’s find the corner for real and pure happiness … and never forget to play like a child! Play with your friends, with your children or grand children, with your partner … a little bit every day. Play with words, with flashy attitude, with some unexpected spark. TRY! Following your illusion is not only living the best life ever for you, but also a gift that you give to others and back out to the world.

I would love for you to suggest to me some topics you want to know about, for sure I will have had some real topics related to it during my past work history, I have twenty years of folders to investigate. You can ask me any questions, and I will give you my contribution in the form of suggestion, hoping it can help you.