There is much talk about the role that the kitchen is taking in the home as a multifunctional space. Studies indicate that we are heading towards a future where the focal point of the house will return to the heat of the oven. And all we can say is “Welcome back” because that is how it was traditionally until more wealthy people decided to relax in the living room and get away from the smells of the kitchen. The advances in kitchen appliances have made these fumes and odours dissipate quickly and therefore, we can now take a professional look at our cooking space. Now the kitchen’s importance in the home has increased. It has become a very versatile space where you can perform almost any activity. It can be an open plan space to share with all members of the family.


We are increasingly worried about eating healthily but good cooking and delicious recipes will never go out of fashion! For years people have dreamed about the kitchens of the future. They are in luck because, in terms of technology and design in the kitchen, we could almost say …

                                    The future is today!

If you dream of that perfect kitchen for your home, do not hesitate to ask for our advice. In E-Studio Kitchen and Interior we are going to make it very easy because we know that the best thing about having a dream is to fulfil it!

The kitchen of your dreams can be a reality.

We are awaiting your visit.

Eva & Antonio

Interior Designers