January 2019

Now the summer is behind us we enter into a period of local sporting events, and in our area we are fortunate to have one of the country’s best half marathon’s, attracting competitors from across Spain and other parts of Europe. The Santa Pola Half Marathon is to be held on Sunday 20th January 2019, starting at 10.30am with a field of approximately 9000 runners of all levels of ability. This is one of Santa Pola’s biggest events, with 1000’s of spectators lining the route adding to the carnival atmosphere of the day. The town throbs with excitement.

For those interested in participating, the registration opened in July, closing on 17/01/2019. Registration is through the website www.rockthesport.com or, you can search on google for Santa Pola Half Marathon 2019. By the time this goes to press there will be 11 -12 weeks to the date of the half marathon, which is about the minimum you would need to put together a training programme. There are any number of 12 week training programmes available on the internet, starting with regular walks and leading up to gentle jogs to get you ready for the 21km run. Winning is not the goal, participating and completing the course is reward enough, giving you a sense of achievement and self satisfaction.

Gran Alacant is developing a sporting culture with cycling, running, surfing, kite surfing, paragliding, kayaking, swimming, Triathlons, Biathlons, walking football and much more and it is encouraging to see the growing numbers of locals taking part in exercise.

(Note: If you have not exercised before it is advised you consult with your medical practitioner before you commence your training)

Below is a list of events taking place around the region. Full details and registration can be found at www.chiplevante.com

Local Sporting Events

01/11/2018 Villaverde De Guadalimar
VII Popular Race and III Trail Villaverde De Guadalimar

03/11/2018 Catral
X 10km YV 5km Catral Villa of Sports

04/11/2018 Chinchilla
March BTT Chinchilla (MTB Racing)

04/11/2018 Ossa De Montiel
VIII PopularRace

11/11/2018 Hellin
March BTT (MTB Racing)

11/11/2018 Gandia
24 Mitja Maraton & 10km Cuitat de Gandia

11/11/2018 Elche
9 Rise to the Raco de la Morera (16km)

11/11/2018 Alcaraz
XV Popular Race and III Trail of Alcaraz

17/11/2018 Lietor
VI Lietor Popular Race

18/11/2018 Cap
March BTT Bonete (MTB Racing)

24/11/2018 Petrola
VII Petrola Popular Race

25/11/2018 Albacete
BTT Albacete (MTB Racing)

25/11/2018 La Nucia
XIX Marcha BTT de la Nucia (MTB Racing)

25/11/2018 Novelda
IV Levantina Fundacion Solidaria Career (10km & 5km plus 5km walk)

06/12/2018 Guadamar
XVI Cross Urban Real Villa Guadamar (7.55km)

16/12/2018 Bigastro
VII Popular Race 10km & 5km

31/12/2018 Crevillente
XXXII San SiIvestre International 10km

06/01/2019 San Fulgencio
IV Popular Race of Kings5km plus childrens races

10/02/2019 Orihuela
XXI Half Marathon & 8km City Run

23/03/2019 Petrer
El Cid Falcao Xtrem 80km 24H

24/03/2019 Elche
XLVII Media Marathon International Elche Mediterranean Oasis