New beginnings…

Hi, I’m Jemma,
I share what I continue to learn from animals through my work as a volunteer with them at and at

This month I am thrilled to share with you the imminent opening of the new SAT charity shop, situated in the Sueño Azul row of shops and cafés in Gran Alacant.

This means that Gran Alacant will have one charity shop to help support the horses (down at MASA square if you haven’t found it yet) and one to help support the dogs.

The SAT shop will be managed by the lovely Bobbie Drever, whom many of you know from Quiz at the LoungeD, and I shall be a key holder and help where needed. Bobbie will be a kind and organised manager, whose previous teaching skills will much benefit the shop’ s efficient running, and she aims to create a friendly and forward thinking atmosphere for both staff and customers.

Bobbie and her husband George regularly walk dogs at SATs. They adopted a dog who sadly died soon after, went on to hand feed an abandoned litter before they had foster homes, and then to adopt two more dogs, Raul and Peggy who are now part of their family, and given as much love and attention as they could ever wish for.

Bobbie has an abundance of real and personal experience, along with her bubbly personality to bring to her new role.

Donations of clothes, books, bric a brac, household goods and small furniture items in good repairs, most welcome please.

Also if you can help volunteer in the shop a few hours a week please visit the shop. Bobbie will be there most mornings
11 to 12, or you can ring her on
+34 966390881, or me on +44 7768198598.

This month then I have been contemplating new beginnings, both for myself and for the dogs.

I am pleased to say that many of the dogs do go on to find happy homes, and to begin a new life. Some though have a new beginning, that promises a new way for life, but later go on to have that new beginning harshly cut short and are returned to the kennels; by death, illness or change of circumstances (often the very same reasons that bring them to SATs in the first place).

Some of the cases have been very sad.
Roxy, a gentle loving staffie came back after just a few days because the new owners had a bird in a cage and she kept barking at it. Sometime a puppy comes back because it chews things (really!). I guess we all hope for so much, and anticipate a positive outcome when a new door is opened, be it work, relationship, change of home, whatever… Many times that comes true but not always, and I do wonder how a dog feels, along with it’s obvious sadness when it is returned to SATs.

Please if you can give a dog a new beginning do visit SATs. And before making the final commitment to homing a dog ensure you have thought very carefully on any things that could aversely affect that decision. And have you ever considered making provision for your dog (or any animal for that matter) in your Will?

Leaving a donation to SATs, Easyhorsecare or another animal charity will give peace of mind for his/ her future, and ensure a new beginning for him on your ending.
Until next month, Jemma x