Hi all, spring is around the corner and the good weather will be here soon but here in the North of Spain I think we have to wait a little bit more. I’ve been enjoying some of the old fashioned recipes from my nan and the last one Guiso de ternera “ Beef soup” was amazing!

Hope you enjoy it.

Mayka x

500 g Galician beef stew
400 g of tomato peeled and cut often.
200 ml of beer
2 purple onions
1 tablespoon of tomato concentrate (I buy it in Mercadona)
3 peppers (green, yellow and red, come like this in a pack)
2 cloves of garlic
salt and black pepper grinder
1 teaspoon of sugar
Thyme and fresh oregano.
½ chili pepper (optional)
extra virgin olive oil
Potatoes (to taste)

Let’s Start

  1. If the butcher has not done it for you, cut the meat into small pieces. Put a pot on the fire, add the oil and when hot, brown the meat and put aside.
  2. In the same pot, if necessary add a little more oil, add the onion and minced garlic, sprinkle salt, leave a few minutes to lightly brown. It’s time to add the chilli if you want, remember that at the end of the cooking you must remove it!
  3. Add the peppers in strips, you can cut them the way you want, I liked to leave them that way because they have such a beautiful colour that it gives life to the stew.
  4. Stir, leave a couple of minutes. Add the beer. Add the tomato, add the sugar to balance the acidity of the tomato, the aromatic herbs, salt and black pepper, as soon as the whole begins to boil, lower the heat, put the lid on the pot and leave 15 minutes to take body.
  5. We put the potatoes together and it is advisable to “peel them”, that is, cut the potato halfway with the knife and with a sudden wrist movement, break the next half. In this way the potato will release starch and thicken the sauce.
  6. We try how it goes with salt and add the potatoes and on top, add the meat, sprinkle salt and black pepper, cover the pot and leave on medium heat for about 25 minutes.
  7. We check that everything is ready, the meat, the potatoes and the sauce, rectify salt and serve with crusty bread off course.

Enjoy all see you next month xxx