The recent pandemic has meant that we have had to make many changes to our regular lives. However, the ability to work remotely has meant that more people are considering their work/life options. After all, what could be better than being able to live anywhere in the World and still follow your chosen career.

With more than 300 days of sunshine every year, Gran Alacant is a great place to be based. Our healthy climate, beautiful blue flag beaches, local nature reserve, commercial centre, supermarkets, banks, financial advisory services and a great range of bars and restaurants, make it a great place to live. Being 20 minutes from the city of Alicante and 15 mins from Alicante airport means that you can easily travel anywhere in the World. There is a Medical Centre, pharmacies,  a local library, lots of sports facilities and many Estate Agents that have a wide range of good quality housing to buy or rent long term. There is a primary school and plans are in place for the construction of an Instituto (secondary school). You can also find international Private and Semi-Private schools within close proximity.

For those that want to work remotely but not necessarily from home, the Simple Social Hub offers desk and meeting rooms that you can rent. This is a great addition to Gran Alacant and has meant that many people have been able to enjoy the social aspects of being with others whilst also being able to work independently.

We have spoken to some people who have taken advantage of being able to work from home, here´s their stories:

Diana Carrasco

“Originally from Madrid, I am a Technology consultant working for a European multinational software company. With a career of over 20 years in IT that has allowed me to live and work in Europe, America and Asia Pacific, I find it hard to identify with a specific nationality or country and considermyself more “a citizen of the world”.

This is probably the reason that made me move to Gran Alacant after five years living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. I find Gran Alacant is a white canvas that lets you design the lifestyle you want. I used to travel once a month to Madrid, Milan, London, Stockholm for work (before Covid!), and then enjoyed the great quality of life of GA the rest of the month. 

My only complaint used to be that I felt lonely working from home the entire day, but that has changed so much after the Simple Social Hub Community Coworking opened and became the meeting point of the lovely and entrepreneurial community of Gran Alacant. I usually do my remote working from there every day and I am amazed by how many people are working remotely from Gran Alacant already!  

And more keep coming, moving back from places like London, Berlin and Geneva. After all, why would you choose to do your remote work in high rent cities that also happen to be so cold?” 

Juan Ruano

“I’m originally from Villena (Alicante). I work as Director of Solutions Engineers for the EMEA region for a US software company delivering Hotel Revenue Management solutions. 

I have been working remotely for 5 years and decided to relocate to Gran Alacant after 16 years living in London. Despite Covid related restrictions I have been enjoying being back in the area, new and old friends, the weather and our fantastic cuisine. I highly encourage remote workers to give Gran Alacant a go, I’m confident they won’t regret it.”

Archie Maddan

“I’m a London barrister who has moved to Spain to be with my Spanish husband. I’m working remotely during the pandemic including doing trials and other court hearings by video conference. Once the pandemic is over it is likely that some cases will start being heard again in physical courtrooms and once that happens I will easily be able to fly back to the UK from Alicante airport. I have been granted full residency in Spain but retain my chambers in London with the arrangement being approved by the Bar Council and my Head of Chambers. Even a very traditional profession has been able to adapt and take advantage of modern technology, all of my papers are sent out to me electronically and I have access to a complete law library online. I still keep my horsehair wig safe however, just in case I get called to London to attend in person!”

Beatriz López

“I am Beatriz, I am an architect and have had the opportunity to live and work abroad, spending the last 4 years working in North England for a renowned main contractor. I quite enjoyed all of it but I came to realize I was missing vital stuff I had left in Alicante (yes indeed: weather, food, family, weather again!) where I used to live as a student. So when I learned that our first baby was on its way, my husband and I decided it was time to move.

So I gave up a well positioned job but being here I get to work towards a career goal that is even more meaningful to me: developing a business of my own, “The Architect Mate” (page 11) where I get to design nice spaces for people helping them through the ups and downs of the construction process too.

Also every day I feel thankful to come and work with our marvelous coworking community at the Simple Social Hub, where I feel 100% motivated and connected and I keep on meeting inspiring people who either work remotely for international companies or develop fascinating projects on their own.

I made the right choice by relocating to this charming paradise and yet having the chance to work in a cool environment with no limitations.”

As you can see, Gran Alacant offers all you need to have an excellent work/life balance. It has a great international community and a healthy environment. So if your company allows you to work from home, they why not relocate to Gran Alacant, we are sure that you will love it as much as we do!