We have had some interesting golf mornings during October. As mentioned last month the Course officials asked us to move from our usual 8am tee time to accommodate visiting Societies from Scandinavia and Iceland. They brought our times forward to 7.36 with an assurance we would be first off, even though it only gets light at 7.50ish. Now Spanish golfers are like Spanish drivers – they have to be in front of whomever is in front of them !!! So, it was interesting to see groups of Spaniards piling on to the first tee at 7.30. It was fascinating to watch them tee up and we could not even see their ball on the tee. Quite how they tracked the flight we do not know, but more of that in a moment. We had the presecnce of mind to wait until there was sufficient light for the course to be playable and as we walked down the first fairway we found a number of balls in the first cut of rough that obviously those in front could not find in the dark – go figure ! Now the clocks have gone back we shall have some lighter mornings again and we are back to our usual tee time. Of course the overnight temperatures now begin to drop and so it will not be long before we say farewell to shorts and golf caps and dig out long trousers and beanies.

As always new members and/or guests are always welcome, whether a full time resident, someone with your own holiday home for regular visits throughout the year or a holiday maker in the region. We would love to see you. For more information please contact either Barry C (686180585) or Barry D (966183018).