Celebration time…

…..On the 21st of August we celebrated 15 years of living here in Spain. Yes, 15 years ago, Sandra, myself and our little dog, drove off from the UK to come here to live.

We had both given notice from good print jobs, with no work to come to. So many times we had been given a final build date, get ready to move and then had yet another build delay. When taking such a major decision, selling your home, leaving your work, friends and family and continually having your leave date changed again and again is one hell of a strain.

We had given notice to leave our place of work, only to get letters telling the place would not be ready on time, and were given a new date. This went on several times.

Like many who were having a house built here, the completion time just kept getting changed, so we decided to bite the bullet and move out here and rent so we could see our house being built.

So we made a move date. August 21st. We met someone online who rented his house out to us, so we decided to go for it. Once we arrived we found and met so many people who turned into lovely new friends. There were so many Brits having properties built out here as holiday homes, that we were soon asked to look after visitors to their houses.

Then, seeing all that was going on and so many rumours around, we started up a newsletter/magazine. Just eight pages, but it soon ballooned into a full scale magazine. Up to 80 pages at one point and last almost 12 years, 136 monthly editions before we sold it on and retired. So many of us out here have a story to tell.

Barry and Sandra Lane