When should I get a COVID19 test?

People with symptoms should be tested, if possible. People who are asymptomatic but have been in close contact with someone who is or may be infected may also consider getting tested.

What kind of test should I take?

Rapid antigen test: Although its speed is an advantage in early detection, antigen tests are only effective during the first 5 days of the disease and as long as the patient shows symptoms.

PCR test : What this test does is detect the RNA of the virus. “It is the most reliable, it has a reliability of more than 95%. It is capable of detecting asymptomatic patients and those who are in the first days of infection. As well as being the test of choice for close contacts of positive patients. And to confirm highly suspicious cases with a negative antigen test. It is reliable and has a high sensitivity when detecting viral load. On the contrary, it is one of the most expensive tests, in addition the time to obtain the results takes 24 to 48 hours.

Serological antibody test: This test is performed through the blood to detect the level of antibodies that the body produces to protect against the coronavirus. It is used to know if the disease has passed and if you have immunity. It is not usually used to detect the disease in its initial phase.

I am waiting for the test result. What should I do?

When a person is waiting for test results, they should remain isolated from others.

If my test is positive, what should I do?

The first and most important thing is to avoid contagion, isolation, initially it is for 10 days.The isolation time may be longer.

Communicating with your GP by phone is important as you will start COVID monitoring by phone. As well as the search for contacts who will be tested according to public health indications.

The insulation should be preferably, in a room, with the door closed and windows open for ventilation. Have a telephone to communicate with those in your home and to communicate with health services. Must have a garbage can with a lid. Preferably use a single bathroom without sharing it. Your personal hygiene and food utensils must be for individual use. You must not receive visitors. Monitor the symptoms and in the event of any worsening such as shortness of breath, abundant diarrhoea or any condition that significantly compromises your general condition, you should call the health services.

What is close contact?

Any person who has been in the same place as a positive case is considered, at a distance of less than 2 meters and for a total accumulated time of more than 15 minutes without mask.

What should I do if I am in close contact with a positive case?

Close contacts such as those living with the positive case should be isolated for 10 days since the last day of contact. Fulfilling the recommendations and guidelines indicated by the health services. Telephone. The test of choice in the case of contacts is PCR.

The PCR has been negative, I am close contact, has the quarantine ended? NO. 

The 10 days must be strictly adhered to until the end of the isolation is indicated by the health personnel.

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