Hi, my name is Lynne and I have been lucky to call Gran Alacant home for the last 5 years.  People fascinate me and I love to hear about their adventures and life stories.  Over the next few months, I will be sharing some interviews with GA’s very own Superstars!

Katrin, what brought you to GA?

“I met my husband José Luis in Marjorca when I was living and working there 18 years ago.  He is from Elche and I am from Germany.  We came to live in Gran Alacant 16 years ago and our 13-year-old son Alejandro was born here.”

By day, Katrin has a busy job working in a bank.  In her spare time, Katrin is a Yin, Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Nidra Teacher.  I have been fortunate enough to attend her classes and educational workshops.  I love her style of teaching and calming energy she brings to every session.

What does teaching Yoga mean to you?

“I tragically lost my younger sister Petra in a car accident 11 years ago.  I was heartbroken.  My sister’s friend suggested I try Yoga.  It was the lowest point in my life and Yoga really helped me get through that painful time.  I now teach as a way of giving back.  I love the healing power of movement through the practise of Yoga.”

Katrin studied Tourism for 3 years in her homeland Germany and speaks German, Spanish, English and French.  Travelling is one of her passions and she considers herself a modern day back packer, listing Bali, Thailand, Laos and Singapore as a few of her favourite places she has visited.

Katrin with Sister Petra

What do you love most about travelling?

“I love getting to know new people and experiencing different cultures.  I tend to avoid the touristy places and prefer to discover the real essence of a place.  Organizing trips is my passion.  I want to share this passion of exploring and seeing the world with others.”

Katrin hopes to inspire others wishing to travel, by organising trips away for groups of like-minded explorers.

Katrin with Husband Jose Luis and Son Alejandro

What exciting plans do you have coming up?

“We bought a Finca near the village of La Romana last July, which we are in the process of renovating.  We have named the Finca ‘La Margarita de Ganesha’.  ‘La Margarita’ after my mum Margret who I am extremely close to, and Ganesha the elephant-headed Hindu god of new beginnings.”

Katrin hopes to run small ‘Yoga’ events at the end of this year, and bigger ‘Retreat’ events next year.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

“Take the path you want to take, not the path you think others expect of you.”

What are you most grateful for?

“My mum, my son, my family.”

I have met many lovely people since moving to GA, but Katrin truly is one of the nicest.  She has a kind heart with good intentions and the wonderful ability to make you feel great about yourself. 

Thank you Katrin for sharing your beautiful energy and your story with us.