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I was surprised to realise the other day that I’ve been writing this column since 2009; I was checking back to see which species I haven’t covered yet, or perhaps which ones needed a bit of an update to reflect changes which have occurred in the Clot. We have gained more species than we have

GA Golf Society December Update

Of course it has been a difficult year for all but with the approach of the Christmas season lets hope for some joy, cheer and goodwill.  So from all at GAGS we wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Back to golfing matters, our tee times for December are somewhat mixed so please get in touch so we


There can’t be many residents of the Costa Blanca with even a passing interest in nature, who don’t know the Hoopoe – that pink-bodied bird with an incredible crest and black and white wings which flaps past you like a huge butterfly, or who sits on your TV aerial at early o’clock and wakes you

The place in the Sun Gran Alacant

Gran Alacant was once again featured on an episode of the popular television series, A Place in the Sun! Hosted by Jasmine Harman, the episode introduced us to Baksho and Sukvinder, sisters from Leicester who were shopping for a holiday home in Gran Alacant with a budget of 100,000 GBP. Gran Alacant has appeared on

GAGS November Update

With the onset of darker and colder mornings we have been negotiating with the Course officials about changing our normal 8am tee time for a later one. Accordingly, for November and December, we have ended up with a mixture of times to fit in with arrangements made by the Club with other parties. Please therefore


In this article we would like, first of all, to remind all pets owners that, so far, negotiations between EU and UK about BREXIT, haven’t borne fruit yet. This means that, if there is no change before Dec 31st, dogs, cats and ferrets which travel from EU to UK and vice versa, will be required


The autumn transition of bird species, when many of them are moving south for the winter, is one of the most exciting times for birdwatchers. Spain is one of the top places to be – not only do all the summer visitors depart, but many others from the north either arrive here to spend the

Dealing with panic attacks

We are living in very disconcerting times lately and for some that suffer from panic attacks it can be even worse with all this negativity in the world at the moment. Panic attacks occur during periods of acute anxiety and there are literally millions of people who suffer with this. The symptoms give feelings of

Ladies in Business Network

A big thank you to all the Ladies that attended our 1st Ladies in Business Association.  Your attendance was overwhelming and it was great to meet you all. The aim of these monthly meetings is to help one another in these difficult times. We want to help you promote your business and fill those diaries.