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I’m trying to remember the name of those little toys we had when we were very young – you know, those small two-legged objects which you placed on a slope and the toy went down the slope with its legs going at ten to the dozen? Minutes if not hours of fun for small minds,

Help I am lost!

Now I love Gran Alacant, I know my way around, but more by instinct than by any assistance of maps or GPS. I often wonder who named the streets. I suggest it was somebody with no sense of direction or a very limited geographical knowledge. I live in Calle Creta 61, cross the road, and

Music to the ears

Live music is one thing that has been most missed during the pandemic period. That special  experience of being in an audience when musicians and performers work magic from thin air has been denied due to the health emergency. Obviously it will be a while yet before we can gather together rubbing shoulders in crowded


Are you a birdwatching beginner? Lesson #1 in the identification of birds – if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it is probably a duck. You can apply this principle to a greater or lesser degree to anything you see, improving your technique as you go along,