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Tourist info for May 2019

Hi everybody, May has arrived with lots of fiestas and parades of Moors and Christians. Let’s start with the most famous one in Spain, which is held in Alcoy. This year the Alcoy’s festivities have been postponed to May. The 4th of May is the date for the big parade. One of my favourite parades

Pallid Swift

Sometimes it’s quite simple to identify a bird out here on the Costa Blanca – once you know what a Hoopoe is, for example, you’ll know one when you see one, an unmistakeable starling-sized pink bird with black and white wings and a crest – easy-peasy, and you’re likely to see at least one on

Light at the end of the tunnel

Giles had been looking forward to his weekend break after three weeks of continuous night shifts. Shortage of staff caused by Br….; he couldn’t bring himself to say the word. Things were not getting off to the best start; the taxi was late. He was just about to call in when his phone rang, “Sorry

A time for everything …

Hi, I’m Jemma.. I share what I continue to learn from animals through my work as a volunteer with them at www.satanimalrescue.com and at www.easyhorsecare.net This month, I have been reminded of how things can change, moment by moment, day by day , month by month. A lot of new dogs, especially puppies arrive at