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About one month ago, we were watching a television program about science for kids and teenagers. That day they were talking about magnetism, and a guest said dogs (or at least some dogs), are able to feel Earth magnetism. How was this peculiar ability discovered? Believe it or not, both male and female dogs, when

Interview with Selina Bruce

Hi, my name is Lynne and I have been lucky to call Gran Alacant home for the last 7 years. People fascinate me and I love to hear about their adventures and life stories. I will be sharing some interviews with GA’s very own Superstars! This month’s interview is with Selina Bruce from Fife in

New visions for the future

In October we attended the EcoAltea festival hosted by the town of Altea and the Miguel Hernandez University at their campus in Altea. This weekend event brings together people interested in a wide range of ecological and environmental issues and projects. The annual festival was established in 2008 with the motto of “Think locally –

Home Turf – Perfect autumn day in Gandia

Spain’s history has been much influenced by the power and culture of the Roman Catholic church and the Spanish aristocracy. The direct power of these two groups is today much reduced, although they do retain some of their former cultural influence and cachet. Both the church and nobility had a passion for building and their

Montemar Bowls & Social Club October update

CHICKEN RUN Sunday 27th August Another successful chicken run once again as it was still hot we only played sixteen ends with a break after eight. The winners of the chickens were Julia Hamilton with twenty points and Chris Harding with nineteen points. The winners of the eggs were Jan Parker and Colin Bedford. Thank

Home Turf – Water babies

In the heat of the Spanish summer there is nothing better than being immersed in cool water. Although swimming pools and the sea have their fans, for us the very best place to seek out watery bliss is in Spain’s precious rivers. In July we spent a few days on the border of Murcia and

Home Turf – Beachcombing

The signature features of our region are surely its beaches. Nothing attracts visitors to Alicante more than the broad sandy beaches that are scattered along the Costa Blanca. However, our coastline also includes secluded rocky coves (called “calas” in Spanish) hedged around with steep cliffs.  We felt that it was time for us to write