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Montemar Bowls & Social Club May Update

CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS Playing for Monte Mar in the Ladies Pairs Lynne Armitage and Margaret Finlayson After two challenging games Lynne and Margaret got through to the semi finals. In the semi finals Lynne and Margaret lead until the last two ends but lost to Kath and Ann from San Louis. They both thoroughly enjoyed

Gran Alacant Golf Society, June Update

Not a great deal to report this month. The Course continues to be in good condition and is a pleasure to play. One question we are frequently asked is “how much does it cost to play golf with the Society?” Well,it varies across the seasons. Presently the cost payable directly to the Course for someone

The Sound of Silence

It wasn’t the noise of the crickets that irritated Rodger; it was the incessant nature of the noise. The only thing he found more annoying was the noise of the frogs that followed, after sunset. He had lain in the same spot each evening and night for three days, surveying the small house and its

Tourism – June 2019

Hello everybody, June is the month for the celebration of one of the biggest fiestas in Spain “ Bonfires of St. John” when you can enjoy so many things! For example, bull fighting from the 21st to 29th, celebrations in the streets from the 20th to 24th and burning of the beautiful cartoon monuments on


NIGHTINGALE Each time I visit Spain, it is clear that changes are taking place. Every visit has its star birds for me – I see lots of one particular species, but on the next trip they are hard to find. This spring has been no exception, and I will be remembering it as the Spring

Healthy Treats

A very commonly asked question in small animals practice is: “may I give some treats to my dog or cat?” Most owners take care of their pets very well, and are very strict about their health and welfare requirements, but sometimes they can’t avoid offering treats to their pets. What’s exactly a treat? It’s an