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Adverse Drug Reactions

We have read recently at the papers the case of adverse reactions to Nolotil in humans. Some deaths have been reported these last years in people who were on this painkiller. The symptoms consist on a dramatic white blood cells drop (agranulocytosis), and the strange thing is a minimum percentage of these cases were reported

Depression in cats

Despite this moment of the year (middle of winter, when days are getting longer and nights are getting shorter), implies a peak of activity in cats, specially non neutered ones, some of them look like they don’t realize, and for various reasons, they might suffer from depression, which is not an exclusive matter of humans

GALS (Gran Alacant Ladies)

A Year in Review Gals report a very busy 2023, and the year isn’t over yet!Initially, the group was set up as a social network for ladies to find local friends and activities.  Over the past few years since its inception, it has grown to a group of over 600 members and activities range from

Gran Alacanters on Tour!

On Sunday, the 19th of November 2023, 102 people filed onto 2 coaches for the much anticipated ‘Dick Turpin bar’ trip to Cordoba/Sevilla/Jaen. Due to the success of previous trips, there had been no problem finding individuals wanting to take advantage of this extremely well-organised, economical, educational excursion. Neil Lloyd and Alison Clark (not forgetting

Montemar Bowls & Social Club January 2024

CHICKEN RUN Sunday 26th November The last chicken run of 2023 was well supported by twenty six members. We played three rinks of trips and two rinks of pairs. The chickens were won by Des Freeman with forty shots and Neil Crawford with another high score, forty three shots. The eggs were won by Pam