This month has seen the worst storms for a very long time in Spain, and my dominating thoughts and prayers have been for the dogs, horses, all the animals, and of course farmers who have lost all their crops and many their homes and belongings.

It is heart breaking. Up to now over 750 animals have lost their lives in the Dolores and surrounding areas. I am harshly reminded how quickly life can change.

Having missed the awful storms as I was in the UK, I was completely unprepared when I went to visit the kennels at Dolores on 20th September, one full week after . What I saw as I attempted to reach the kennels by car and by foot, literally brought tears to my eyes . The kennels were still completely water logged .The road where we walk the dogs was like some ancient causeway just barely rising up from vast lakes either side. 4 wheel drives could pass up and down the road but the actual kennels were still not accessible.

What lies ahead when the floods finally subside is weeks of hard work to extensively dry out and clean the whole building, rebuilding of weakened stone walls, refurbish and repair what’s left of the actual dog kennels, replacement of electricity and telephone, and then the harrowing job of bringing all the dogs back and resettling them . It’s an arduous task.

The floods rose with such ferocity and speed that the actual evacuation was very difficult. Our deep felt thanks go out to Bobbie, George, Christine and John for doing absolutely everything they could.

Luckily the dogs were rescued by local volunteers and people who lived within the area so THANK YOU to all those amazing people who saved, we believe, all the dogs, and then with the help of the SAT team were able to find temporary foster homes for them in such horrendous circumstances, and with their own homes and belongings under threat at the same time. Such a generous display of human kindness and positive action that I feel inspired by these people. I do not yet know how many or the names but I endeavour to find out this month.

And as to Easyhorescare, which also had horrendous flooding, the poor horses, donkeys and other animals suffered yet another week of standing in water, wet food and all that comes with that. Luckily it has once again managed to pull through as the water has subsided there. The owners staying up many nights to run the two pumps, which were the saving of it , and being somewhat luckier to be on higher ground than the kennels. The volunteers were amazing there too, turning up at all hours doning their waterproofs to help with the clear up, which still goes on.

So, this month it’s been a tough one… THANK YOU EVERYONE SO SO MUCH who has in any way helped already, for the donations of money, food and bedding.

Please if you can donate or if you can offer help in any way, contact us via the SAT or EASYCARE RESCUE shops, and support us at the Charity events, which incidentally were already arranged before any of this happened

SATs Charity Cabaret Night Thursday
3rd October at LoungeD 8pm
EASYHORSECARE Villamartin Plaza Sunday 20 th October .

Thank you all so much,
Jemma xxx