Important message from the Town Hall
What is the Padron and why it is so important to sign it?

The Padron is the Register of Inhabitants. It is a list in which all the inhabitants of a municipality are included, regardless of their age and nationality.

This list serves as a basis for the State to provide each Town Hall with an annual income, the greater the number of people registered in the municipality, the higher the income.

In addition, according to Spanish legislation, depending on the registered population, the municipality can develop more activities. For example, for municipalities with less than 50,000 inhabitants, the competences on transport (bus, train, etc.) do not depend on the City Council, but on the Conselleria.

That is why, for Santa Pola, and by extension Gran Alacant, can count on all the services we deserve, we must have the money necessary to implement these services and, at the same time, we must have the competence to manage them.

Therefore, it is necessary that people become aware of the need to register in the municipality of Santa Pola, because that would allow everyone to enjoy better transport services, health (the more people registered, more health infrastructure, such as a complete walk in clinic for Gran Alacant, must be built), education …

At the moment Santa Pola counts with 31,000 registered inhabitants, of whom about 13,000 live in Gran Alacant. However, when we study the water consumption of the homes of Gran Alacant, we see that many more people are living in Gran Alacant than those 13,000.

In fact, our technical staff estimates that in Gran Alacant they should be around 20,000 people registered, and in Santa Pola, there should be 7,000 more registered, in areas such as Playa Lisa or Santa Pola del Este.
The sum of all the people who actually live in Santa Pola and Gran Alacant, and who, therefore, do make use of the services provided by the City Council, is close to 55,000 people.

That means that the Town Hall receives money from the state worth 31,000 people, but must make investments to meet the needs of almost 55,000 people (almost double).

Therefore, it is very necessary to be aware of the need to register, and for that, it is simply enough to live in the locality (either with a house owned or rented) for 6 or more months.

To register, simply go to the municipal offices, either in the Gran Alacant offices or in the Town Hall, and request, fill out and submit the necessary documentation, which can be provided there. And it does not suppose any cost for the citizen.

Please, it is very important that you register, because in that way it would be possible to request for a health clinic (with all medical services) be built in Gran Alacant. The Ministry could also be requested to install telecommunication towers to serve the area, thus avoiding existing coverage problems.

Investments could also be requested for the implementation of a construction plan / repair plan for sidewalks, renewal of pipes, etc.

The Town Hall could regulate public transport, to improve communication between Gran Alacant and Santa Pola, as well as with other neighboring towns.

If you want to have all the services you deserve, help us and register!