Mineral swimming pools:

The mineral pool is an international award winning pool system and winner of many prestigious awards.

What are mineral pools exactly?

Mineral swimming pools are a healthier, gentler alternative to traditional salt or chlorinated pools. Mineral pools rejuvenate and detoxify your body at the same time as you swim and relax in your pool.

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Mineral pools utilize the properties of magnesium, a mineral that assists in achieving a healthy body balance. The health benefits of mineral pools include detoxification, reduction of stress and anxiety, alleviation of aches and assistance with a healthy sleep cycle. Mineral pools are also great for sensitive skin; magnesium is gentle on the skin and body.

With a mineral pool you can totally immerse yourself in good health! It’s mineral science therapy – characterised by the absorption of magnesium through the skin – highly effective for assisting your body to build and absorb healthy magnesium levels and promote a greater sense of wellbeing.

Mineral pools are better for you – and the environment

Mineral pools offer a more ecologically friendly and healthier alternative to traditional swimming pools. Mineral pools don’t go through as much water as regular pools, requiring a reduced amount of backwash.

When emptied, water is – unlike traditional pools – safe for the environment, once diluted.

With your swimming pool’s readily available minerals also having natural antiseptic qualities, you need only a small amount of pool santiser to keep your swimming pool water pure and healthy.

Gain a healthier swimming pool and increase your sense of wellbeing by choosing a mineral pool.