When you are not in a mood to ride up a hill you are in luck! Steer your steed towards Vega Baja and you can do loops well over 100km with biggest “mountains” being the railroad and highway overpasses. On the open roads there is of course a good (or bad) chance to encounter some wind so be prepared. The best way to prepare for heavy winds is to find big strong rider in front of you. I have found that Dutch and Norwegian riders are up to the task.

If you feel like doing over 100km you could head out all the way to the capital of Vega Baja Orihuela. Our backstop is usually at Callosa de Segura. We like to change the loop either going through Daya Vieja, Daya Nueva and Rafal, or Albatera. In Daya Vieja Plaza de Leon and in Plaza de Leon “Pasarela Mirador de Daya Vieja” which is an interesting walking bridge build around tall palm-trees which on its own is a good reason to ride there.

On the flats it might seem difficult to keep track where you are heading. Small roads cross the landscape with few landmarks. When in doubt just remember:

  1. All roads lead to Dolores – I don’t know why but that’s the way it seems to be.
  2. If you are going up a mountain you have gone too far.
  3. All the other roads lead to Guardamar Segura

Since there are still so many roads to be ridden and so little time, I am going to take pause on writing these guides. I hope you have enjoyed reading them and have been inspired to try some of the routes.; it has been good fun writing them. Thanks to all the riders on the group for their help and routes, many pictures and for the great company. Thanks to the ForRiders – bikeshop for keeping my bike in good order.

One possible route https://www.strava.com/activities/2435780953 through Rafal

Distance for the route approx. 60-90 km depending on the route. Moving time approx. 3½ hours.Difficulty: Easy/Medium

You can find several weekly rides from facebook group or you can post in search for company or route. “Gran Alacant Road Cyclist (Bici Gran Alacant)” and local bike shop For Riders have events on their facebook page.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Always have something to drink with you and for a bit longer rides maybe a banana or mueslibar
  • Always have a little money if you need to stop to buy food or drink.
  • Take the phone with you.

And the most important. Wave to the fellow – cyclists