Well, would you believe it!

It seems we have another published author in our midst! Cathy Hernandez who is employed at OP Group Spain in Commercial Centre, Gran Alacant. Cathy is a great cat lover who is running her own cattery and who has written a book entitled Utopiacats Tales. If you are a cat lover, it is a must! This book is not only very informative and containing tales of numerous cats and kittens Cathy has encountered and looked after in her cattery over the years… it will have you laughing as well as in tears!

Many books have been sold so far to the States, France, Iceland and Spain. Thank you all animal lovers!

“I am neither a writer nor a teacher.
I don’t have a large vocabulary in English (my second language) and I don’t intend to teach anything with this book. I simply want to share the stories of some of the cats who have crossed my path …

I have come to rescue many animals in distress in my life, stopping on the road for an injured dog, a possum about to drown, a lost starving fawn, hedgehogs, a baby partridge and all types of birds, a few rabbits etc.

And did I mention cats?

”From Cecilie Mjelde:
“I’m at page 22 in the book and I laughed and cried already”

From Yvonne Bragg:
“I must tell you I have enjoyed reading your book about the cats. It made me laugh and almost cry at times.”

From Lou, GA Advertiser:
“Made me laugh and made me cry …
I wasn’t able to put it down and read the entire book one Sunday afternoon”

Available for sale at Papeleria Sarai, Commercial Centre, Gran Alacant