My name is Heidi and I come from Helsinki, Finland.

With my husband Olli-Pekka and our 3 dogs we live in Gran Alacant and enjoy the brilliant Mediterranean climate and possibility of discovering new hiking routes all over our Alicante province and sometimes even a bit further.

Ironically, I have a fear of heights, but I love the views from tops of the mountains too much to stay away. Our dogs are getting older so all the hikes need to be suitable for them too as they always go on our adventures with us. I also love photography and always take load of pictures from our hikes.

The route starts from Centro de Visitantes Ricardo Codorniú in Sierra Espuña. Google Maps fins the parking lot next to the visiting center nicely. You’ll find few options to choose from to hike and there’s even one route for people in wheelchairs. All the routes are marked well and you’ll see the maps of routes in the information signs.

  • Driving Time: 1,5 hours
  • Walking Time: 5 hours/16km
  • Google maps directions:
    Centro de Visitantes Ricardo Codorniu 30848 Alhama de Murcia

We chose PR-Mu 59 Umbría de Peña Apartada. We hiked along the foot paths to the Mirador Collado Bermejo at 1201 meters above sea level and walked back along the dirt road which was slightly longer, but easier to walk .

The route was so well marked we never had to second guess which way to go. Landscapes were so pretty and it was so peaceful.

According to the parks website they state that first hominids in the Sierra were thousands of years ago, approximately in the Paleolithic era, since the mountain provided them coats and caves, as well as warm territories and food. During the Middle Neolithic and the Eneolithic (between 2,000 and 3,000 years before Christ) the development of agriculture and livestock made it possible for the valleys of Guadalentín, Mula and Pliego, more humid and warm, to have human settlements. Imagine that!

Our hike was nearly 16 km and we did it in about 5 hours. Elevation was 443 meters. So lots of water and snacks are needed on this hike.

After the hike we drove through the mountains and visited Los Pozos de la Nieve. On our way we say some hawks and ibexes.

It’s time to head out to investigate nature See you next month
Heidi & Olli

Check List:
Always when going on hikes check that:

Your Mobile Phone is fully charged
Water – climbing up is hard job & you will need it
Snacks (Remember to take all the garbage back down with you!)
Have good shoes for walking
Have small first aid kit with you
Have layered clothes. Up hill might be
– very windy and cold, even on a warm day.
– Coming down might be chilly, so extra dry
– t-shirt to change into if needed is not a bad idea

Always tell someone where you are going and when you’ll approx. be coming back