We would like to thank the TOURISM COUNCILLOR for enabling Jose Manuel Blasco to join our magazines monthly column. Many of you will surely have met Jose at the Tourist Information Counter in Santa Pola. He always exudes enthusiasm for all that is happening in our area.

Here are his suggestions of “Where to visit” and ‘What to see” for this month

Hello everybody! These are the main events for the fiestas in Santa Pola.

  • 1st September: Moors disembark on Levante beach opposite the Town Hall. Firing of arquebuses. 18.30 h. Public appearance of Festival Chairmen (Moors and Christians) heading for the harbour (Moors) and the castle (Christians). Moors’ envoy opposite the Castle. The Moors’ envoy accompanied by his escort, asks for the surrender of the Christians. Mock battle, with attack on the Castle. Surrender & occupation of the Castle by the Moors. Moors march starting at the harbour.
  • 2nd September: 10.00 h. Mock battle(shooting guns) 18.30 h. Gathering of Festival Chairmen (Moors & Christians) heading for the Castle (Moors) & the Palmeral Park (Christians). MOCK BATTLE (attack on the Castle). The Christians regroup in front of the castle and proceed to reconquer the castle from the Moors. Christians march.
  • 3rd September: 19.30 h. Procession with brass bands (Moors and Christians) from Muelle Street to El Palmeral Park. 20.30 h. Main parade of Moors & Christians.
  • 5th September: BEER BATH at the Harbour. Organised: Unió de Festers (Festival Society) before the race.
  • 6th September: 20.30 h. COLOURFUL PARADE WITH FLOATS. Itinerary from Palmeral Park via Elche st, Glorieta square and Muelle street. Firework Display at Levante beach breakwater.
  • 7th September: 20.00 h. Floral offering to Our Lady the Virgen de Loreto in the Castle Chapel Colourful fireworks “Mascletá” firecrackers. Site: Next to the harbour. Organised Penya El Tró. With kind cooperation of Santa Pola Town Hall
  • 8th September: 20’00 h. Solemn procession of our patron saint the Virgin of Loreto. From: the Castle, Cruz st, C/ Colón st, Mercado st, C/ Mayor st, C/ Angel st, C/ Elche st and back to the Castle. 01.00h GRAND FIREWORKS DISPLAY. Site Levante Beach with Final Powerful Cannonade After fiestas back with some sport, on the 24th “Santa Pola triathlon Cross”. Start 10 Avda Blasco Ibañez. More villages that celebrate their festivities on the Costa Blanca are: Castalla 1st to 4th, Villena 4th to 9th, Mutxamel 7th to 12th, Ibi 11th to 13th, Altea 26th to 5th . Pilgrimages like the ones in Gaianes, Redovan, Alcoy and Petrer. This is all for now friends