A healthy tooth is protected by different sections. The first one is the enamel and the second one is the dentin. If there is a dental wear, an elimination or a fracture of the enamel, the dentin gets exposed and that is when we feel a sudden and sharp pain, this sensation of pain is called tooth sensitivity.

It is important to know the causes that can cause tooth sensitivity in order to prevent it. There are many situations that can cause the exposure of the dentin and thus cause tooth sensitivity.


The abuse of acidic or sugary foods and drinks can damage tooth enamel 

Eg citrus fruits, carbonated drinks and sweets, among others, which cause tooth erosion

The ingestion of very cold or really hot drinks

Hard or an excessive brushing or even hard brush bristles

Use of extremely abrasive toothpastes

Excessive strength in chewing or bruxism (teeth grinding)

Gum retraction due to periodontitis

Old or fractured fillings

Dental cavities

Teeth whitening without professional supervision

It is normal to feel sensitivity in the teeth after a dental procedure such as filling cleanings, periodontal treatments or whitening. However, these have to be transitory.


Good oral hygiene using products that do not damage the gums and teeth

Use brushes with soft bristles

Good brushing technique

The use of non-abrasive toothpastes

Mouthwashes ideal for tooth sensitivity

Visit your dentist at least twice a year

When these measures fail to reduce or eliminate tooth sensitivity, treatments should be taken in the dental clinic such as applications of desensitizing gels, composite or gum grafts to cover recessions.

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, the best option is to visit the dentist who will examine your mouth and will be able to determine the origin of your problem and thus made a personalized treatment.

The professional will give you the guidelines to avoid it and guarantee that the tooth sensitivity does not continue to occur.

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